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Need help figuring out what product gave me this rash on my face!

I used a few different new samples within 46hrs & I don't know what did it but my skin has been having an allergic reacting all over my neck and face. My skin is SUPER dry it hurts and I'm getting these little white circles and my skin is getting bumpy and rough and peeling on my nose!


Can anyone help me? Which product do you think it could be??


I switched my face wash to Oil-Free Acne Wash from Neutrogena with Micro Cleansing Technology, it is a salicylic acid acne treatment. My boyfriend has been loving it but idk how I feel about it yet. Takes too much to wash my makeup off and it seems a little drying on my face and I'm concerned it may be a cause to this allergic reaction... could it be even though its #1 dermatologist recommended?


I also used Murad Environmental Shield. I used it a few days in a row then stopped when this reaction started occurring.


I also used Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil for a few days then also stopped after reaction.


I remember seeing the reaction start the day after I used BareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum. But I only used that once and the reaction got worse within 24hrs.


I stopped using them all. Hopefully this reaction goes down and I figure out what it was!

Re: Need help figuring out what product gave me this rash on my face!

Sometimes you can't see the allergic reaction from just one use. I used the Caudalie brightening serum once last summer and was ok. This summer I used the brightening serum and the moisture sorbet/cream at the same time and I only started getting the reaction after a couple of days. At first I thought it was purging but it just keep getting worse and worse. The problem is, same as you, I'm not sure which one is the culprit since I started both at the same time. My skin is no longer red, flaky, pimply and itchy. However, it's still a little sensitive/unstable so I'm just sticking to my basics for now.

Re: Need help figuring out what product gave me this rash on my face!

I reacted to the vinoexpert serum by Caudalie, so if you just used it recently, add it to your list to try. 


I agree, get your skin calm with minimal products or thIngs you are pretty sure work for you. Then add things in one at a time and see how you do. Don't throw anything out if it's a full product and you have the receipt; return it. But if it's just samples you might be better off just trying other things. 


Re: Need help figuring out what product gave me this rash on my face!

My skin hates pure oils. I get red & blotchy anytime I try to use a new oil or when the argan oil I use on my hair gets to close to my face. 

None of us can tell you what cause the reaction because we don't know what you're sensitive to. 

Next time introduce just ONE new product at a time (even if you purchase a skin kit) so if you do have a reaction you can figure out what caused it. 

Also, when you do figure out what products give you reactions, keep a list of all the ingredients in the product. Reactions aren't always the "active ingredient" 

Re: Need help figuring out what product gave me this rash on my face!

Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. I have had quiteee a few bad reactions the same way. I unfortunately had a reaction to an eye product (still don't know which one) and its taken 2 weeks for my skin to finally go back to normal.

For now, only use products you know 100% you won't react to. And for future, as some wrote below, only introduce one new product or sample into your routine at a time. (Again I've learned this the hard way)

If you really want to know which product it was, I would try to test a very small sample of skin on your arm or wrist for example. Only do one product at a time, and see if it causes a reaction. That way you're not setting off a reaction on your face again, and hopefully you will be able to narrow the culprit. 

Good luck and I hope your skin heals fast!

Re: Need help figuring out what product gave me this rash on my face!

As the others said there is no way for us to know, but I wanted to tell you about one of these products I reacted to.  


I used the Josie Maran Argan Oil for over a month and I thought it was great, except over that time I developed dry, scaly, red, and bumpy patches of skin on my lower mouth area.  My skin was a mess, but for a while I didn't believe it was the oil, I thought I was break out in acne or something.  It really was awful.  Finally I realized it was not doing anything good for me and I stopped.  I changed over to First Aid Beauty products made for sensitive skin and the whole problem area cleared up really fast and I haven't had another issue like that again.  


I know most people love the Argan oil, and it's pure and not supposed to be a problem, but for me it was.  So really it could be anything for you.  I would try to simplify your routine and then slowly add products in.  

Re: Need help figuring out what product gave me this rash on my face!

As a nurse, you ABSOLUTELY have a way to figure out which is the culprit.  If you're truly allergic to an ingredient or formulation, you'll rash up anywhere one your body you put it.  Many people do spot tests on their wrists, top of hands, calves, and even thighs to know which one did it.  But, please, BE CAREFUL!  Allergic reactions can compound on themselves and make your next reaction to it either the same or WAY worse.  IMO, I think it's the Bare Minerals because you reacted almost immediately to it.  Reactions don't take days to develop.  ; )

Re: Need help figuring out what product gave me this rash on my face!

In re-reading your post a thought popped into my head. It could be that the products with salicylic acid made your skin sensitive, and if you then went out into the sunlight you could get a reaction that way. Some products can make your skin very sensitive to UV light, and even when it's cloudy you can be exposed to UV. If you find that nothing is causing the same reaction when used alone, it may just be that when you used things with salicylic acid your skin became photosensitive and reacted when you went out without good coverage.

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