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Need help; can't decide which shade I am. ):

I'm interested in purchasing MAKE UP FOR EVER's Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation since I have SERIOUS oily skin. Problem is, I can't determine which shade I am. I've tried using but it didn't show me my shade for Mat Velvet. If anyone can help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Re: Need help; can't decide which shade I am. ):

Hi PilotsWife,

We don't allow outside links to be posted on Beauty Talk, so I had to edit your post. 

I recommend using the Sephora + Pantone Color IQ to help you find your perfect match! >

Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Need help; can't decide which shade I am. ):

PilotsWife -


You may not be seeing a shade for the Mat Velvet because there may not be a match for you in this particular foundation.  If you have tried the Sephora Color IQ, it will recommend foundations that match your Color IQ number.  Not all brands will be listed because not all brands will make a color that matches you.


I too have very oily skin and wanted to try the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra.  I had my Color IQ done in store - there was no match for my skin tone in the Lancôme.   As it turns out, I didn't need the Lancôme foundation anyway, as my favorite Beauty Consultant led me to the solution for oily skin. 


After trying multiple primer/foundation combos over the years, I was using Becca Matte primer and either Bare Minerals or Laura Mercier powder foundation.  I was still ending up very oily within hours of makeup application, but liquid foundation either just slid off my face or was so heavy I felt like I was wearing a mask. The time had come, however, to make the switch to liquid as powder foundation was starting to settle into those little +40 lines.


I am lucky to be near a Sephora with truly knowledgeable (and all around fabulous) Beauty Consultants.  When color matching me, after I explained I needed to find a liquid foundation for my very oily skin, the BC recommended I try the Perricone Intensive Pore Minimizer first.


This a liquid treatment that I use every morning.  I just shake the bottle, put a little on a cotton ball, and wipe over my face after washing in the morning.  During the first two weeks, I noticed I was having to blot less and less.  A month in, and I don't have to blot during the day at all any more.  Seriously, I am now staying matte ALL DAY.  Never would I have thought a single product could make such a difference, nor would I have thought to look beyond the "primer/foundation box."  It is a little pricey at $55 a bottle, but a month into use and you cannot even tell I've made a dent in the bottle it takes so little to cover your face.  The bottle quite clearly is going to last me at least a year, if not longer.


The Perricone IPM has made such a difference, I was able to go with a very light primer/foundation combo - Hourglass mineral veil (no silicone, which is better for oily skin anyway) and Urban Decay naked liquid foundation.  I know this combo would not be working without the Perricone IPM underneath.  I know I sound "evangelical" about this product, but I see so many of us gals and guys here on BT asking for primer and foundation recommendations for oily skin - Perricone IPM is a miracle worker that no one seems to know about!


Good luck finding your perfect foundation!

Re: Need help; can't decide which shade I am. ):

Wow... Consider me enabled.

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