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Need advice on exfoliators

Ahh, too many products, what to use.... If you look closely at my skin you can see flesh colored bumps all over. They might be milia, or sun spots, or side effect of changing season. Either way I can't go to a derm right now and the temporary/quick solution seems to be exfoliating. Right now I use a scrub 2-3 times a week and an enzyme mask or peel once or twice a month. They make my face smooth with no dry flakes or oiliness or redness, but they don't do anything with the bumps so maybe they aren't the right kind of exfoliator for the job? Right now I own:


Physical exfoliators: Laura Mercier face polish, Clinique 7 day scrub

Chemical exfoliators: Ren glycolic mask, Ole Henriksen black/blueberry mask, Dr. Gross alpha beta pads, AmorePacific enzyme.

Chemical/physical: Philosophy Microdelivery duo phase.


I've also got the PTR retinol fusion PM and Glow by Dr. Brandt retinol duo (pink/grey).


So the question is, which of those should I use to reduce bumps on the skin?

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

I'm thinking you need to use the retinol more. 

From my own experience with milia & mystery bumps... the more you exfoliate the quicker they'll come to the surface. It's all about cell turnover. 

I recently started using the skinceuticals retexturizing activator that has been helping bring my bumps up to the surface quicker. I like to use it on my off nights of retinol.

Now if only i can figure out what triggers those pesky bumps....  

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

Good advice from Danny, if it's tiny, flesh-toned bumps or anything with dimensional texture, avoid a physical scrub for the time being because you run the risk of tearing at skin and irritating. Chemical exfoliants will work below the surface to bring the problem up and up and (eventually) away.

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

can you come live with me? or can I put your number on my speed dial? I understand the basics, but your descriptions are AWESOME!

P.S. I'm making a post later & you're really the only person who will be able to answer it Smiley Tongue

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

Hmm, I only have 2 scrubs (ha! only) while I've got 4 chemical exfoliator. Guess it's time to switch. So enzyme mask/peel 2-3 times a week and retinol on the off days then. Time for me to finish those half used Dr. Brandt retinol duo.....

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

Hi BeautyTester,

I agree, you should stick to the chemical exfoliators. I recommend the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel pads. Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Need advice on exfoliators

Hi there - I think what you really, really need more than anything else is the Clarisonic Mia (not the big body version - nice option but more $ and have 2 buy different brushes) I know you've had that on your wishlist for a while so  maybe during the 20% off sale or through QVC, they have Clarisonic Today Special Values throughout the year, especially during the holidays, any holidays. I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if I see that coming up, that price is only good for 24 hrs though.


I also think you should go to a Dermatologist, sorry, I know we all hate that. It's possible that you may be using too many different products and that they may be interacting with each other interacting and having negative effects or maybe it's just 1-2 products that are not good for your skin. My Derm Hated Clinique 7 day scrub with a passion, don't remember why.


You know that I love my Philosophy Oxygen Peel (just changed name, not sure what it is now) I think it's gentle but does some real hard-core work. You also decide how much you want to 'take off' when you take the foamy 'Mrs Doubtfire mask off. There are 2 sides to the spatula that you 'scrape' (hate to use that term, it's not harsh scary scraping) but there are 2 edges on the spatula and one side is sharper and will exfoliate a little more deeply.


So for me it's -

1- Dermatologist

2- Clarisonic with a bare minimum of products. I use Philosophy Purity cleanser and Love My Oxy-Peel. I think you should strip everything way, way down-  even if you can't get the Clarisonic right away, Go back to the basics and slowly, very slowly, add products.

I know we all hate the Dr. but if you think of all the products you're using and total it up you will hopefully see that it may save you $$ in the long run. If you can get a recommendations that's ideal. When you call to set up an appointment you can even let them know that you are on a budget and that although you have all of these different products (which you'll need to bring for the doc to give an accurate 'read' on things. You can tell them some were things given to you and you got some gift cards and some Super deluxe specials and the rest totally depleted your budget for the next ___ months. I know we'll be in touch about this more, so I'm wishing you luck, it's hard being a girl/woman! Be talking to you soon, really soon, I have to send you a PM. Talk to ya in a bit. Smiley Happy

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

The Clarisonic plus uses the same brushes as all the other clarisonics, except for the body brush head. Have you ever tried it? It's AMAZING!!!!! bye bye flakes in the winter, hello exfoliation for a closer shave and it increases circulation & blood flow. 

But I have a plus & a mia... they use the same brush heads for the face. I would never use the body brush head on my face, that's way too rough! 

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

I am suffering from the same skin situation (flesh colored bumps all over). And I think my usage of Clarisonic on a daily basis triggered the appearance of that. Smiley Sad


Subscribing to this thread.

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

Yeah clarasonic and derm are not an option right now, period. I have taken out my retinol serums and my Dr. Gross alpha beta peels (to be used on different days) for starter. If it helps I'll report back. =)

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

I bought the Murad Complex Kit not too long ago.  After using it for a couple of days I had a lot of small bumps all over my nose, cheeks and chins.  I immediately stopped using it and moisturized my face like crazy.  I also used AmorePacific Enzyme Peel three times during the week and a half it took my skin to heal.  Turns out I was over treating my skin with the Murad kit.  I have used other Murad products in the past with no problems.  I believe it was the face wash that wrecked havoc on my skin.

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

I'm currently using ExfoliKate 2-3 times a week. Will report here if I saw any difference but so far, my bumps have calmed down. But they're still there.


Please give us an update regarding the Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Padsd. Thanks dear! Smiley Happy

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

I know you know this, but we all get excited sometimes... don't forget to take it slow with the Retinol Fusion. Did you by chance get the Algenist 10 day sample? I realized each packet is enough for 2 treatments & I tried it 3 days in a row without irritation. I of course moved onto to something else before I finished it Smiley Tongue 

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

I have not experienced dryness/sensitivity with Dr. Brandt retinol duo (before when I used them for a week before putting them away). I'm putting Dr. Gross alpha beta peel on hold until I finish my mini retinol duo. Otherwise I won't be able to figure out the effect and I only have 5 pads. The PTR retinol fusion's sealed so I'm going to finish Dr. Brandt first, then Dr. Gross, then AmorePacific, then PTR/others. I had a mini/.5oz of Algenist reconstructing serum before and found it so so.

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

See no evil

Hear no evil

Speak no evil


Yes I saw that. It's new so it's not going any where soon. When I finish my Dr. Gross pads, if I see significant results then I'll splurge otherwise it sounds a little too intense for my issue. One of those half dozen treatment thing should work......

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

Ahh i want it! I've been buying the 5 packs of the Extra stregnth pads, and these come with the Ferulic Brightening Serum! Smiley Very Happy I need!

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

arielaaaaaaa why don't you just save up & buy one of the larger packs. They all come individually wrapped & you save some money that way. 

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

It's not that much That you actually save. I don't know why I don't buy the bigger version though. I guess I just want to see if they are really worth it by buying the smaller packs. 

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

Go search "milia" on Caroline Hirons' blog. I believe it's coming from TOO MUCH exfoliation. But, go see what she says. She's brilliant!

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

I'm actually thinking the same thing as JennyPenny, mainly because I'm dealing with over-exfoliated skin, myself.  After almost a month on a new skincare routine, I noticed my skin was super bumpy and looked like I was about to have a massive breakout (while I still suffer from occasional breakouts, what I saw was far worse than anything I've dealt with in years).  I cut out everything from my skincare routine except a sulfate-free cleanser and moisturizer for the last 5 days and my skin is finally starting to return to normal.  When in doubt, I think the best thing to do is go back to basics and take it from there.

Re: Need advice on exfoliators

@too much exfoliation. Haha, I'm a skincare junkie so I've been trying REALLY hard to reduce my daily routine. Right now it's Origins checks & balance cleanser, Clarins toner, Dr. Brandt retinol serum, and Clinique moisturizer for night. Water rinse, Dr. Brandt retinol cream and Shiseido SPF42 in the morning. Clay mask twice a week after shower.


I don't really like my skin texture right now, it feels a bit bumpy, but my acne did went away a bit quicker I suppose but new ones are popping up, or it's just bringing them to the surface or purging. It haven't been a week yet, so I'm giving it until this weekend before checking for improvements.


I did look up Caroline Hirons' blog. Looks like I'm on the right track, except for the no silicone part. Most moisturizer have either oil (feels stuffy) or silicone (in gels for combo/oily skin). Hmmm.

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