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Need Basic Makeup Advice

Hey everyone! Smiley Happy I'm new to the community, and have some questions for whoever is willing to respond. 


So... I love makeup, but I can't say I'm an expert and only really use the basics.


My everday wear consists of: Bronzer, Black Eyeliner, Black Mascara, Lip gloss

When I'm going out/for a special occassion - I'll be adventourous with eye shadow   and add blush in the mix too.


I'm 5'6, slim/avg, have dark dark brown hair, brown eyes, and naturally fair skin but I do go tanning and don't burn so I'm on the tanner side.


Do you guys think there is any other products to my daily regime that I could add? Also, do you have good suggestions for good bronzer brands, or mascara?



Re: Need Basic Makeup Advice

If you want to learn more about makeup, definitely wander over to youtube! I think it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to start expanding knowledge on makeup!


While there isn't really anything you "need" to add to your routine, I think adding more products with color can really add to your look. For example using blush; while bronzer is great for adding warmth to your skin, blush can also really make your skin pop, and look alive. Or substituting black eyeliner for brown or plum, can soften things up and make your eye pop more.


Do you use any foundation-type products? While you certainly don't need any, a good tinted moisturizer or BB cream, can provide a more even canvas for makeup and give skin a healthy glow.

Do you do anything with your eyebrows? Well-groomed and defined eyebrows can really do a lot to give you face more definition and make your eye stand out more.


Honestly, it's really up to you what type of products to try out and what type of look you like, As a beginner it will take a lot of experimentation. So definitely look on youtube or beauty blogs. And I recommend checking out "value kits" and palettes as a way to expand your collection and experiment. This will help to introduce you to new products and shades, while generally saving some money (as opposed to buying everything seperately).

Re: Need Basic Makeup Advice

I second everything that Kenny said!  But just wanted to add:


Sephora has tutorials as well - it's the "tv" link next to the brand drop-down box.


Dior is my hands-down fave for bronzer -


In terms of being "adventurous with eye shadow,"  Too Faced has several palettes that come with instruction cards to create different looks.  I still find them helpful when I want to do something outside of my daily go-to look!

Re: Need Basic Makeup Advice

I totally agree with Kenny. I'm slightly addicted to watching makeup tutorials on youtube! My fave girls to watch are Jaclyn Hill and Kandee Johnson. They're both professional makeup artists and really go into detail about how to achieve the look.

Re: Need Basic Makeup Advice

Thanks everyone! Very helpful

I'll def checkout those youtube videos - I know there are so many tutorials, but its hard to sift through to find good ones sometimes!

And I like your suggestion Kenny about switching up the eyeliner. I wear black eyeliner everyday and never swtch it up.


And I'm going to look into the value pallettes - Good idea to experiment. 


This is also a little off topic but does anyone have any great hair removal suggestions? My hair is so dark, I just can't take it and constantly need to shave! Or should I post this question somewhere else???

Re: Need Basic Makeup Advice



I would add blush to your every day routine!  If there is one thing I MUST have, is blush, but that is because I'm on the medium/fair side.  Since you are pretty tan, I actually suggest a highlighter instead Smiley Wink  It will brighten up your face & give you that polished finish.  Try the Benefit Watt's Up (its this years birthday gift!!)

Benefit Cosmetics - Watt's Up!


Adding an accent color on your lower lash line makes me feel like I've spiced up my look.  Try out some of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes.  My favorites are purples & teals Smiley Happy



xo, Mia

Re: Need Basic Makeup Advice

blush is great to add color back into your face, tarte amazonian clay blushes are my fave. if you are fair i think you will like dollface, light pink sheen. and my friend who is fair loves!!! exposed for a natural blush Smiley Happy


Re: Need Basic Makeup Advice

Try nars highlighter or multiple in copacabana. It will give u a gorgeous highlighted/contoured sheen

Re: Need Basic Makeup Advice

also, If you want to ad a bit, consider doing a bit of a cat eye with your black liner (nothing too intense - just a bit). That would add to your look without adding to the routine

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