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Natural eyeshadow for 40+

What is the best eyeshadow to create a natural look that compliments me and doesn't age me? I'm almost 49, have fair skin and freckles (lots of red in my skin, blue eyes, and strawberry blondish brown hair.

Re: Natural eyeshadow for 40+

Either one of the Urban Decay palettes would be great to play up your blue eyes. Hope this helps!

Re: Natural eyeshadow for 40+

Thank you! Is one more shimmer than the other? Would non-shimmer be better?

Re: Natural eyeshadow for 40+

They have both shimmer and matte. You can use shimmery shawdow just don't over do it and you'll look great.


Re: Natural eyeshadow for 40+

Try Benefit's World Famous Neutrals palette in "Everyday".  They have some that are matte but a few that have a slight sheen to them, which is perfectly fine.  What you don't want is glittery or frosty shades.


Lisa Eldridge (YouTube) has a fairly recent video where she addresses maturing skin--what kind of products to use, where to apply what.  Not that you're the age of her model, but great points to heed anyways!

Re: Natural eyeshadow for 40+

Hi PukaShell,

Just to add to the helpful suggestions that you have already. I think that the KVD Ladybird True Romance Eyeshadow Palette would be perfect for your eye and hair color. One side has cooler tones which will go well with your eye color and the other side has warm tones to blend well with your hair color. These shades are also more on the matte side is that's what you're looking for!

<3 Melissa

Re: Natural eyeshadow for 40+

Re: Natural eyeshadow for 40+

I also would recommend to go with this pallet - The colors are really nice, and you can do something natural or even play it up Smiley Happy And there is one pearly shade which is gorgeous and adds shine without being too glittery

Re: Natural eyeshadow for 40+

The Naked Basics palette would be perfect to use.  All of the colors are matte except for Venus, which just has a slight amount of shimmer to it.  

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