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Naked Basics Palette


I love Naked Basics palette I know I can add more colors to make a different look. But when ever I do that it looks like I just got punched. Any tips to make it look better and to not make it look like I got punched?



Re: Naked Basics Palette

Re: Naked Basics Palette

Holy crap that person is TALENTED at blending.  Looks like a DREAM!  Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Naked Basics Palette

Hi SephoraLuhver1,


I know exactly what you're talking about! Try using a shadow primer or base, which will act as a magnet for those colors. I really like the Sephora Collection Jumbo Liners. They cling to the lids and will give your shadows that extra pop of color rather than that sheer 'bruised eye' look.


Whimsically yours,
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