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My sister needs help

My sister needs help balancing her skin out. She has an oily AND dry t-zone because of a minor acne. She has dry skin at the center of her forehead, between the eye brows, on her nose, and her skin.


She has a hard time sticking to skin routines because she sometimes goes out and doesn't come home, so her basic routine is:

  • Neutrogena makeup remover wipes
  • Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser 
  • Paula's Choice 2% BHA exfoliant
  • Simple Light Moisturizer or Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
  • Tretinoin (only when she needs it)

I don't have a solution for her ):


She also can't wear some liquid foundations because they emphasize dry skin

Re: My sister needs help

I personally did not like the neutrogena face wipes. it feels like they are too harsh. I prefer Koh Gen Do. Also, using the Paula's choice daily might help in drying her out. When I first started with Paula's choice exfoliant, i used it once a day at night and it dried me out as well. Instead, I use it every other night and that helped alot. 


Remember to exfoliate! The Koh gen do soft gommage gel is amazing. It will roll off your dead skin instead of a traditional scrub that can cause abrasions. 


As far as moisturizing go, FAB ultra repair cream is amazing for super dry spots. She can use that for certain spots that are really dry.

Re: My sister needs help

She uses the Paula's Choice at night, but only when she's not too lazy hahah. I'll tell her to use it every other night to see if it reduces dryness. Would the FAB cream be too moisturizing for her? She has dry spots in her t-zone area. Her skin is as combination as it gets haha.

Re: My sister needs help

Wash with coconut oil, tone with apple cider vinegar, and then apply paulas choice and moisturizer. That is EXACTLY what i do and my skin has gotten progressively more clear

Re: My sister needs help

Too much BHA can cause flakiness, I only use mine twice a week- any more and my skin goes crazy. Try using a gentle scrub once or twice a week, I use the OH walnut scrub, it's about $24 and it works amazing. Sometimes people need a manual/physical exfoliant as well instead of just a chemical or acid exfoliant.


She may also need to up her moisturizer or use two different ones, one for her oily areas and the other for the dry areas. 

Re: My sister needs help

She's had the dryness before even using the PC exfoliant, so I really don't know what's causing the dryness. Lack of drinking water, maybe?

Re: My sister needs help

Well the fact that she doesn't drink water enough and she is using a lotion type moisturizer. Lotions are great for oily problematic skin types. If she has dry spots she will need to use a cream type of moisturizer. How old is your sister if you don't mind me asking?

Re: My sister needs help

She's 22, turning 23 in November. 


Re: My sister needs help

She needs to start paying close attention to her skin. As we age our body weight lessons is water weight. When we are born we are 75% water and as we age some adults water weight is as low as 48%. Water is very essential. 

For now, adding a serum before a moisturizer and even a mask once a week can help tremendously! 

Re: My sister needs help

I sound so mean lol, sorry! I just get carried away. If she is serious about her skin care, it would be a very great idea to not slack off on skin care! Smiley Happy
She has to be able to do the work for results! just like losing weight, you cant keep eating cheeseburgers if you want to lose weight. same with skin care!

Re: My sister needs help

I don't comment much (just lurk), but I have to say that you don't sound mean (to me) at all!  You say that she should start drinking more water and explain why.  That's reasonable to me.  You're being helpful!  :-) 

Re: My sister needs help

I sound so mean lol, sorry! I just get carried away. If she is serious about her skin care, it would be a very great idea to not slack off on skin care! Smiley Happy 

She has to be able to do the work for results! just like losing weight, you cant keep eating cheeseburgers if you want to lose weight. same with skin care! 

Re: My sister needs help

Thanks! I'll tell her to drink more water and try using two different moisturizers.


and @jemly, I'll tell her to use different makeup wipes to see if that makes a difference, as well as using facial oil Smiley Happy

Re: My sister needs help

if she's nervous about introducing oils and doesn't want to invest yet, target has boots botanics line which has a facial oil for around $8. that's the oil i started on, got me hooked on the idea of facial oils.

Re: My sister needs help

I actually looked at that oil today! She also bought the St Ives Green Tea Scrub, which is a little more gentle than the Clean and Clear

Re: My sister needs help

my 2 cents....

it sounds like her skin is dehydrated.

and she needs to step it up, product wise !! 

between the neutrogena wipes and clean & clear i think she's stripping her skin too much.

it's good that she's taking her makeup off and cleansing. but these products are not doing her any favors in my opinion.

adding oils and hydrating toners to my routine helped a lot too. infinitely.

(applying facial oil directly to deep recurring cystic spots made them disappear !! either by helping it come to a head and then nourishing the skin to make it disappear, or by making them disappear without coming to a head..).

and drinking more water can't hurt !!!


i'm not sure what her budget is but replacing products one at a time while figuring out what her skin responds to should be possible ? i personally really like REN for acne related cleansers, and caudalíe for treating dehydrated skin. i can get more specific if you'd like / need.

Re: My sister needs help

I would use two different moisturizers - one cream (for dry areas) and one gel (for oily areas). I recently purchased the Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over Gel Moisturizer and love it for my oily areas and under makeup. I have used the Green Tea Scrub before and its great. Water makes a huge difference in skin, when I don't drink enough, my skin definitely does not look or feel as good. Tell her to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day for a week and she will definitely notice a difference in the dry areas lessening. 

Re: My sister needs help

Hi Andy!


You have already received some great suggestions, but I will give you some advice as well!

I think the makeup remover wipes are only good for incredibly desperate situations where you cannot physically cleanse her skin. The makeup remover wipes are very high in alcohol so they are probably drying out her skin. On the nights that she is at home, I recommend she remove her makeup with a facial cleansing oil. My favorite one is Josie Maran's Cleansing Argan Oil. 


The Paula's Choice Exfoliant may be a bit too harsh for daily use. It could be drying her skin out more. If she wants to use a toner after she cleanses, she may want to stick with something a little more soothing and less drying. My favorites are AmorePacific's Hydration Delivery System (a toning mist) and Clinique's Moisture Surge Facial Spray. 


I don't think the moisturizers she is currently using are very effective. She should get something that is a little bit richer, but still oil-free. My two favorite moisturizers for this are Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and Dior's Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Creme. These moisturizers are more of a gel-cream texture so they would be perfect for her combination skin type. 

<3, Randee
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