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Milia problem

Is there anything I can use to control the little milia bumps on my skin?

Re: Milia problem

Hi Tinkerbell03, when milia appear on adults, there isn't really any topical treatment for them.  If they are bothersome, you can request your physician, dermatologist, or an esthetician to remove them for you.  You might also want to check with them to make sure that you actually have milia, and not something else like keratosis pilaris (aka KP), which is treatable.  For keratosis pilaris, I recommend Dermadoctor KP Duty® Moisturizing Therapy >  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Milia problem

Where on your skin are they? Under eyes, cheeks, forehead, arms? 

If it's on your face it's most probably milia not KP unless it's with a lot of redness.  

I've battled with them over the years. I tried expensive vibra-peels (A step up from microdermabrasion) and had success, but they keept coming back. It was too expensive for me to go to monthly treatments & be dry for the next few days just to be milia free.

As for at home management any chemical exfoliator will help them be brought up to the surface quicker. Retinol or Glycolic acid are my favorites. I try not to use straight up retinol in the summer since it makes your skin so sensitive to sun light. Right now I'm alternating between the Dr Dennis Gross A/B pads & the Perricone Blue Plasma serum. They are still there, but no one really notices them except me. Also a really good primer helps for makeup application! It will create a smoother canvas for foundation. 

Hope this helped. 

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