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Matted, Tangled, Breaking Hair! HELP!

I just moved to Colorado about 6 months ago and since I have been here, the health of my hair has taken a nose dive. I've literally tried everything! I've tried Moroccan oil, Redken products, olive oil and honey leave in treatments, and Joico products. Nothing helps! What happens is, the underneath part of my hair gets matted and tangled, and even with the gentlest of care while brushing (and a ton of conditioner) it is STILL breaking. I have also noticed that the rest of my hair is breaking very easily, although it is the underside that gets matted and tangled.


I don't mind spending money on something that works, but at this point, I am sick of spending money on expensive salon products that don't work! HELP!!!

Re: Matted, Tangled, Breaking Hair! HELP!

Mandi, Do you ever deep condition your hair? I know you use tons of conditioner but the application, process, and time also play a role. I think if you mix the oil or oils you use in your conditioner and sit under a dryer for 20 minutes or more you will notice a change in your hair. Additioner precautions are to twist or plate your hair before you get under the hair dryer. This process let's the nutients in your hair oils and conditioner penetrate deeper in the hair shaft. Afters rinse in the coldest water you can tolerate to seal your hair cuticles. Last follow with a leave in treatment (I still love infusion 23) of your choice or hair needs. Some or more protein based which are good for the strength of hair while others are more moisturizing for softness.

Re: Matted, Tangled, Breaking Hair! HELP!

Have you ever tried Keratase products? You can research them at they are expensive but I have been using them ever since I found them almost 3 years ago and I have never looked back.Smiley Happy

Re: Matted, Tangled, Breaking Hair! HELP!

If your hair has really taken a nose dive and it coincides your move to Colorado, it may be because of the hard water. I know Sephora used to have a Beauty Water Shower Purification System, so I would check to see if there's something similar so then it can filter the water and you can shower with better water if that really is the case. In the mean time, I would suggest a trim every few months. I hope this helps and good luck!


Re: Matted, Tangled, Breaking Hair! HELP!

I lived in Colorado for 7 years, and the weather there is sooooo dry! So, I have oily skin/hair, and I wash my hair every day (if I don't, I feel itchy and the skin on my face near my scalp starts to break out). What you need is something deep conditioning, that is also very gentle. What worked for me was L'Occitane Repairing shampoo and conditioner. Now, these products don't lather, so don't be put off or be tempted to use a ton of product! After shampooing, put the conditioner in your hair, and continue with the rest of your shower. Rinse the conditioner out at the end of your routine, to get maximum conditioning time.


You might also want to alter your hairstyling routine: lower the temp of your hair dryer and hold it farther away from your head (I stopped using dryers years ago, I just put product in my hair and let it air dry), use thermal protecting products in your hair if your blow dry, and try not to put your hair in pony tails, braids or buns, to avoid further breakage.


You might also want to get a hair cut, to take away some of the damage (If you're in Colorado Springs, Le Reve is a nice salon, if it's still around).


Also, review your eating habits and medication- have they changed? Consider multivitamins and, of course, increase your water intake.

Re: Matted, Tangled, Breaking Hair! HELP!

Go to a salon and get a deep condition and a trim! If you don't want to spend the money, I really like the Pureology Essential Repair products.. not sold at Sephora unfortunately, but they are available at Ulta, and it has really helped my dry, brittle hair.  Like poppyh, I would also suggest being more careful with your heating and styling products, and ALWAYS use a heat guard product on your hair (I like the Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide).  Hope this helps!

Re: Matted, Tangled, Breaking Hair! HELP!

Yes like everyone said get a trim, while you're there get a professional deep condioning treatment.  Get a moisturizing line I love Neutrogena Triple Moisture, it smells great and adds a lot of moisture, I have hard water and live in WI where we're sittin at 24% humitity.  The daily deep conditioner is enough for my oily hair, but you may want to try the deep conditioning treatment, weekly or so.  I use a clarifying shampoo everyday so I'm sure if you use this line you will have healthier hair.  Eat healthy oils and fats like nuts, avacados and olive oil.  Skip heat styling as often as you can, use a heat spray like Tresemme, it won the Allure best of beauty several times.  Make sure your shirts aren't rubbing on your under layer of hair, skip collared fleece shirts and scarves that will matte it, try slippery pillow cases. 

Re: Matted, Tangled, Breaking Hair! HELP!

If your hair is super long, try getting a trim. If you dont want to get it trim I would suggest using a deep repair mask for your hair after you shampoo and condition. 



I love this mask for my hair. Makes it softer and more not dry.I would use this after conditioning and would leave it in for abour 5-7 minutes then wash it off. This product also gives me some shine and mosturize my hair.

Maybe you can giive their shampoo and conditioner a try as well. I love their hair products, plus they smell good.

After getting out of the show I would use Carol's Daughter Moni Split End Cream.


I would pump about a pea size into my hand and rub it my ends. 

Hopefully this helps.


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