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Mascara samples

I just have a quick question before I purchase a full size tube. Do all mascara samples have the same brush size as their full size? 

Re: Mascara samples

Hi Spyski Yes, that is usually the case. Smiley Happy

Re: Mascara samples

I think so.  But I haven't tried every sample yet, of course.  (And some with big brushes are pretty funny in a small tube.)  Which one are you thinking of getting?  With the crowd here, someone has probably tried both the mini and the full sized version. Smiley Happy


Re: Mascara samples

yes, quality and size of mascara samples were as good as in the full-sized tube! 

Re: Mascara samples

Thanks! I was pretty sure, but wasn't 100%.

My lashes fell in love with Lancome's Doll mascara, and I really loved the size of the brush in the mini. 

Re: Mascara samples

I've used a lot of sample sizes and then switched to the full size. The brush head is usually the same but obviously the wand is longer in a full size product which is something to keep in mind. I've had times when I loved a sample but then with the longer wand in the full size I don't have the same control and the application can be totally different (and difficult) especially with larger really full brush heads.  

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