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Mascara Smudge Problems

Hello! I have tried MANY mascaras - Dior Blackout, Benefit they're real, Bare minerals voluminousness mascara, Lancome Hypnoses Star, MAC plush lash... ETC. I am looking for a mascara that will NOT smudge, I often get black lines on my eyes just below my brows from my mascara, it is awful.


Can you recommend a few mascaras for no smudges and doll like, plush lashes? thanks!

Re: Mascara Smudge Problems

I had the same problem and found that Perfekt Lash Perfection Gel works great and makes my lashed look thick and long without clumps.

Re: Mascara Smudge Problems

Try Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes along with the Primer.

Re: Mascara Smudge Problems

Thank you!!!

Re: Mascara Smudge Problems




 I don't have any suggestions for doll like lashes though I did see this trick as A Pin on Pinterest try using a plastic spoon so you don't get mascara on your skin. I haven't tried it yet but I've been meaning to. I hope this helps until you find the mascara your looking for Smiley Happy



here's another mascara Trick I found on pinterest hold an old credit or business card above upper lashes and wiggle the brush away back and forth at the roots. This applies a thick layer of dark color at the lash line, eliminating the need for liner.

Re: Mascara Smudge Problems

Hi heathery123,


I'm a fan of doll-like lashes myself, so I know the look you're aiming for. I really like Dior's Extase mascara. It's not too wet or too dry, and leaves your lashes supple for a natural appeal. I've never had any problems with it smudging or flaking. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Mascara Smudge Problems

Thanks so much! I will have to try!

Re: Mascara Smudge Problems

do you use waterproof or no? Smiley Happy

Re: Mascara Smudge Problems

Hi Janine,


I got this mascara but am having a tricky time with the brush! I almost have the time of it I think. How do you apply? Thank you!



Re: Mascara Smudge Problems

Hi Heathery123,


I have the extase mascara and I like to apply it to the middle, base and ends of my lashes. It helps to look down into the mirror so you can see your lashes better! Wiggle the wand at the root for more volumeSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa
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