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Mascara Application Help for Pale Eyelash Roots

I have a question regarding mascara application. My eyelashes are very light colored at their roots. As such, I've always struggled to apply mascara close enough to the root to darken them completely. Even when I do manage to get mascara applied neatly to the roots, my pale roots still show on the backside of my lashes (when I blink or close my eyes, etc.) Does anyone have any advice about either products, tools, or application techniques that I can utilize to apply mascara both close to my lash roots and to the backside (or underside?) of my lashes? I have been thinking about trying to apply a waterproof liquid eyeliner onto my lashes at the roots and other side of my lashes, but have no idea if this would work or what sort of brush to use. I basically just want both sides of my top lashes (and my lower lashes, but that's easy) to appear evenly coated and darkened by mascara or w/e product recommended. Lash tinting is not an option for me, unfortunately, but I'm quite skilled with makeup application (if I do say so myself!) so even seemingly difficult, time consuming, and/or product intensive advice will be most appreciated. Thank you!

Re: Mascara Application Help for Pale Eyelash Roots

Hi Madcarlotta,


My recommendation would be the Clinique Bottom Lashes in Dark Brown. The brush is small enought to get to the root of the lashes. Also, close your eye onto the wand (be gentle) this wil also allow you to get closer to the base and adds extra volume.



A curved brush also helps as well!


<3 Melissa

Re: Mascara Application Help for Pale Eyelash Roots

Melissa gave you some great recommendations!  When I had clients with really light lashes, I would do the first swipe on the backside rolling it through the lashes. Then on the front of the lash, get the wand right into the lash line and blink into it so you really get the pigment at the bottom and wiggle the brush out and up.  Another wand type you might find useful is Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara.

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