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Makeup remover questions

Hi, I have two questions about makeup/eye makeup removers.  #1.  Are some makeup removers better for your skin than others?  Are there any that are bad for the skin?  And, #2.  Are any of the drugstore brand makeup removers/towelettes ok to use??? Thanks for your help!  >'.'<

Re: Makeup remover questions

I personally don't like makeup remover wipes. Many of them are full of alcohol & their stiffness is just too harsh on my skin. I have a bunch that I'll use when I'm playing with makeup, or traveling, but I make sure they are alcohol-free.

& a makeup remover wipe does not replace a cleanser. 

I usually use a a gel eye makeup remover, or a spa water (Koh Gen Do spa water) on a cotton pad and gently hold it over each eye for about 30 seconds & then GENTLY wipe everything off. Then I use a mild cleanser to remove my face makeup, followed by a treatment cleanser.  

Re: Makeup remover questions

#1 I think so. There's the oily make up remover, like Clinique ones in purple bottle/jar. They clean off make up really well and is non-irritating, but they are oily and definitely needs to be rinsed/washed off. There's water-like makeup remover, like cleansing water (love Koh Gen Do), that removes makeup by letting it soak then gently wipe. They feel almost like water and does not need to be rinsed (gels are same in this aspect). Then there's makeup removing wipes, which are great on the go or if you have a full face of makeup, but if you are just wearing a little make up then you don't need the whole wipe, and they can dry out. Makeup removers can sting/irritate due to alcohol content, or if you are allergic to something in it. However, you do need to follow up with a cleanser afterwards. So, they are only bad for the skin if they sting/irritate, which differs by person (lots of people love Yes to Cucumber wipes, but it burns my face =/).


#2. Neutrogena wipes is a popular drugstore choice. Clinique is not drugstore, but unless you are wearing a ton of make up every day, their purple jar of makeup remover balm should last you a long time, which works out to drugstore price (and cheaper than wipes).

Re: Makeup remover questions

Neutrogena is pretty much always a good brand if your worried about your skin, drugstore wise they seem to be the best, now they even make a like called "Naturals" which is even more gentle.



But this is the best one i've found, its a wash but it gets everything even eyeliner, lipstick and everything else off in one step, its a little more expensive but its so worth it. you don't have to scrub the makeup off our face like you would with wipes it just comes off gently and leaves your skin non-greasy and clean feeling. i also have very sensitive skin and eyes, and it doesn't irritate me. 


Re: Makeup remover questions

Hello michjkim, 


Depending on your skin type a makeup wipe may be good OR bad. I find them great when I need a quick removal of makeup but like dannyc said, they really don't take the place of a cleanser which is best for your skin!


BeautyTester and Annonymous1 are right about the Neutrogena wipes being very gentle and sensitive- I love their wipes in the turquoise (hydrating) packaging but also LOVE love love the Josie Maran wipes which are a bit natural based and soft on the skin. 


If you wear a lot of makeup or eye liner/mascara you may even want to look into a cleansing oil which is what I primarily use. Apply a few pumps to dry skin and softly massage it right onto the face and lid to break down the makeup before rinsing with warm water. Follow up with a basic cleanser and your makeup is GONE! My favorite is the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil but I'm also a huge fan of the Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil. Both are super gentle, soft and hydrating.




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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