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Makeup for formal wedding

(the color of the dress)


I have a wedding in 2 weeks. It's a black tie so I have a formal dress. The dress is a dark pink, high-low. I was thinking about wearing fake eyelashes.. what do you recommend? and Also, what colors should I wear for eyeshadow? I have light hazel eyes and I want my eyes to compliment my dress without going overboard.

Re: Makeup for formal wedding

I love the color of your dress! Because it is a bright color, I think you should keep your eyes neutral but definitely go for some false eyelashes if you want to define your eyes. I'd recommend a pair from Make Up For Ever like the 15 Kristen. For eyeshadow, a light shimmery pink across the lid with a darker brown or taupe crease (shimmery or matte, whatever you want) would be pretty. Urban Decay Sin, Sellout, **bleep** or Scratch (in order of least pink to most pink) would be great lid colors. Urban Decay Tease (cool-toned) or Buck (warm-toned) would be great for a matte crease color. Any shimmery bronze or taupe would work for the crease. Then line your lashes with a thin line of black liquid or gel liner before applying the lashes. I would go for a pop of pink blush (think Tarte Amused) and a wearable pink lipstick, gloss, or tinted lip balm. Have fun at the wedding!

Re: Makeup for formal wedding

Thank you sooo much!! This was soo helpful!

Re: Makeup for formal wedding

What a beautiful color!  A neutral eye would be a great compliment to the flashy color of the dress.  You could also add a pop of purple as an accent in the outer corners to give it a bit more depth Smiley Happy  Have fun playing up the color!


xo, Mia


Re: Makeup for formal wedding

I agree, the dress has a lot of pop and I would stay somewhat neutral with your eyes. Since you have hazel eyes, I think that some taupe/plum/purplish colors would work for you. I'm afraid that what I have in that range is no longer available so I don't have good suggestions. If I didn't already have a lot of shadows, I think I might look at the LORAC Pro palette because it seems to have some nice neutrals and plums. 

Re: Makeup for formal wedding

As far as the eyeshadow I think the Lorac Unzipped Palette would be perfect. It has a lot of neutrals but on the right side has more pinky/plum tones (without being super bright). I wear these colors just about every single day and is by far my favorite eyeshadow palette. It would last you way beyond this wedding (and so you won't be stuck with makeup you won't wear beyond this one day). Good luck and have fun!

Here's the link above. In the picture the colors on the right look more brown, but trust me, in person they have more of a pinkish/plum color.

Re: Makeup for formal wedding

Just to think outside the box, here's some cream eyeshadow options (since I tend to be one of the few who ever recommends them!):


Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (Rosegold)-


Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (Amethyst) -



Buxom Stay-There Shadow (Cocker Spaniel)-

Buxom Stay-There Shadow (Collie)-


Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream (16- Pink Beige)


One major plus of the caviar sticks in particular is the portability!


I have all three of these formulas and don't wear a primer.


Personally, I'd go for some shimmer and some beautiful dark eyeliner along the lashline and black mascara.

Re: Makeup for formal wedding

I agree with Mia's suggestion I think it would be gorgeous!

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