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Makeup for Beginners?

I'm 16 years old and have been wearing drugstore makeup for a few years. I just got a Sephora gift card for Christmas but i'm completely new to Sephora and high end makeup. I would like some recomendations for great buys and essentials? Thanks so much! 

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

Hello Makeup1234, 


Let me tell you now that you need to remember LESS IS MORE!! Always, always, always! Smiley Happy I'd recommend you start off with a palette or a mini set with all of the essentials you will need for a flawless look.


Start off with a BB Cream or a Tinted Moisturizer to even out your complexion a bit (I really like the Too Faced BB Creams a Lot!)


Too Faced - Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20


and try a makeup set like those made by Benefit which have a good amount of items to choose from:





The Benefit Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek Set

Benefit Cosmetics - Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek Kit


The Benefit Go TropiCORAL Lip & Cheek Set

Benefit Cosmetics - Go TropiCORAL Lip & Cheek Kit


Too Faced New Year New You

Too Faced - New Year New You


The Buxom Headliners Collection

Buxom - The Headliners Collection

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

I agree with dianabt, gettin a value set is a good start because you get to try out many products yet you don't spend as much. I say for school all you need is either tinted moisturizer or BB cream, a bit of eyeliner and a bit of blush if you're feeling it. You can really go with just the first two. 

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

I agree that the number one rule is LESS IS MORE! Always Diana is 100 percent right, please always use that rule it's the most important one you will ever learn as far as makeup lessons go!Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

Yes. Less is always more. And I totally forgot to welcome you on here! You'll love it here and in stores. Don't be afraid to ask any questions. Happy shopping!

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

Also, depending on your skin type, you may want to look at  the Clinique products (skincare and tinted moisturizer, etc.)   Definitely look for products with built-in sunscreens!  You want to keep your nice smooth skin and not wind up with alligator hide before you're 40!  My 16 yr old daughter likes the Tarte makeup palettes also (they don't make her skin miserable) and Stila also makes a wonderful Lip Glaze and something called Convertible Color (use for lipstick or blush) among other things.  Sephora customers do a terrific job of rating their purchases - just scroll down and see what they have to say about anything!

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

Try the bare essentials mineral makeup. I started both of my daughters on this line when they were in teens ans they use to this day. It's very natural looking and last forever.

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

If I were you, I would spend my money on something like everyday eyeshadow palettes (my faves are Naked 2, too faced natural eye, and stila in the light.) , or eyeliner pencil (nars or makeup forever)

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

I think the mini Naked Palette Basics. Its not that expensive. It gives you a lot of ideas to work with and its super good for natural make up looks before you dive into more bold colors. It was helpful me to start with natural and then start adding more wild colors into the mix. This helps getting the shading eyeshadow areas right. And there are videos to help you out on and orfourse This is just for eyeshadow. With lip shades and eye liners you kind of have to find what works for you.

Eyeliner: You might be a pencil person, soft pencil person or a liquid eye person or all three.

Blush: You might be a push stick style blush person, a powder blush person or both.

Foundation: Geez there are so many varities to find the right one and BB creams as well. I personally love tinted moisturizers with SPF.

Lips: Lipsticks, Lip liners, Lip Laquers, Lip Glosses, Lip stains and combinations of both. Its a bit hard to find what zone you can handle with your face tone and your what make up your already wearing but you'll start to get instinct little by little for what colors you can handle and ones you can't.


The NAKED palettes are good by Urban Decay but expensive. Id say start with the little less expensive one and see where you can go from there.


Goodluck! <3

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

Along with all the good advise here 


Get into the habit of great skin care!

Dont forget your neck and chest

and if you lotion your face, lotion your hands 

(my daughter is 30 and she alwasy lotions her entire body)


Where SPF

Where gloves in the winter to protect your hands

Where sunglasses (summer and bright winter days) to protect your eyes.

Take care of your teeth Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup for Beginners?

Best eye liner Nars Larger Than Life. Best blush NARS>

Best exfoliating cream Laura Mercier Flawless Face Polish.

Best all around/cross pollenating/multi task item; Josie Maran 100% pure argan oil...


*Take care/moisturize your; ear lobes (a must) neck/sides of neck and cleavage truly pays off.

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Watch the pattern of sales and specials here on Sephora, also it pays to really research, get educated on the top rated items thoroughly- here and at other sites. By doing this your sephora shopping list will change. The lux item$ in neutrals/classics last longer when not trendy/fall out of style.

I keep a running list of all promo codes with descriptions next to my computer...

Happy Hunting!


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