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Makeup as a wedding guest

My boyfriend's father is getting married for the second time. The rehearsal dinner and wedding are at the end of June. So my question is, how much fun can I have with my makeup? As a VIB, I obviously LOVE makeup and for special occasions or anything where I know I am going to be photographed, I typically go all out with a full face of makeup. However, it will be my first time meeting my boyfriend's family, and I know he prefers me with no makeup on (which won't be happening). Thoughts?

Re: Makeup as a wedding guest

You're going to be in pictures, I expect, since you're in some ways part of the 'family'.  I'd use that as a guideline for your makeup. Weddings are occasions where people tend to wear makeup, even if they usually don't.  (I wasn't wearing any makeup when both of my sisters got married and my mom cornered me and put makeup on me!)  So while your boyfriend might prefer you without makeup, I'd tell him that makes not sense if he protests.


That said, I wouldn't go too wild with the makeup.  A full face, yes.  But maybe something in neutral tones?  Something that when styles change and you look at a picture a few years later you don't say "What was I thinking?"  (Oh, I have a few of those!)


I would think the rehearsal dinner would be more casual.  You definitely want to look polished for the wedding. 


Any chance of your getting to meet the family before the rehearsal?  Such introductions are always easier, and would be a chance for you to wear a lot less makeup, too.

Re: Makeup as a wedding guest

Hi Keiraleighxoxo, I would recommend sticking to a clean, polished, natural look like the ones below.  You want to enhance your beauty, not look like you went overboard.  Use colors that compliment your skin & eyes, but don't stand out too much.  You could wear a slight pop of color on your lips, but nothing too bright or dark.  Just make sure you look like yourself, so the next time you see your bf's family, they won't think you look like a different person! 



Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Makeup as a wedding guest

Laura's suggestions were perfect! I'd stick with neutrals for that 'is she wearing makeup?' look. Neutral palettes tend to work the best for this. I've been coming up with some great neutral looks using my Aqualillies palette, which contains everything you need for made up face minus eyeliner and mascara). The palette even comes with a cute little how-to card for two different looks.



My favorite type of lip products for special occasions are stains, which will keep touch ups minimal. Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Love Lipsticks will provide you with full color that dries matte. I'd say stick with a neutral (Lolita tends to look good on everyone) rather than one of her more bold hues. Clinique Chubby sticks are another nice option if you want something more sheer and berry kissed.

Whimsically yours,
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