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Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Hey everyone,


So I will be leaving Toronto in 4 weeks to go visit my boyfriend who lives in Dayton, Ohio. We will be seeing his parents for a nice dinner. Now I haven't met his mother yet but I have met his father. I would like to look polished and sophisticated when I see his parents. I always like to make a good impression. So  I was wondering if you ladies have any ideas or pictures of some great makeup looks I could consider when I am down there ?. I already told him to book an appointment with the Sephora near him so I could do a makeover the day of. I'm also planning to get my hair cut and styled as well. 


Thanks for your advice and tips ladies !.


Always appreciated :-)


~ Carmen ~

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Making a good first impression is important, but what I feel is even more important is that you be yourself.  Don't go for a one time look just to impress someone else.  Your boyfriend obviously likes how he sees you on a regular basis, and that is probably what will make you feel most comfortable.  Stay true to yourself and let your inner beauty light the stage.

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Hey ragdoll,


Well I met his father last summer when I came to visit. I've never met his mother though because she's a radio executive and is always at conferences ect. Trust me I am always myself I just felt it'd be nice to be pampered and also be able to look good for seeing them for dinner. I usually don't go for looks that I normally don't wear myself. However I want something that is sophisticated and also classy and isn't too dramatic looking. Well we only see each other on skype lol. I'm in Canada and he's in USA for now. Your right though :-). I will and thank you so very much for your comment !

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Maybe a subtle bronzey our neutral smokey eye would be nice so you look polished/ put together but not overdone. This would be easy for your makeup artist at Sephora to accomplish...something like the Urban Decay Naked Palette would be perfect for it. Soft rose lip, hint of bronzer, soft flush of pink on the cheeks. Can be sort of "natural" but with layered colors to enhance your eye shape. A bit of Urban Decay 24/7 liner applied in a U-shape towards the outer corners of the eye would make this pop. Again, this should be very easy for your artist!


Have fun, your personality and love for your BF shining through is the most important thing!

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Your also very spot on MakeupMaven. I like more neutral type shades. I don't mind experimenting but I always come back to this kind of look. I definitely like your ideas and will bring them up when I go to get my makeup done when I come down there. Oh indeed it is :-). He is my rock !

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

i would wear natural toned makeup on my eyes and face and then Bam!!!  bold red lips!  shows you're confident. Smiley Wink

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

This look is very much a look I would do for sure. I don't wear eyeshadow a lot. This kinda looks similar to the look I pulled off in my avatar when he came to visit me back in April. 

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

well there you have it!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Thanks tasha :-D

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

By chance do you know any background info on his parents? You don't have to share if you don't want to give super specifics, but the reason why I ask is because even though you want to make a good impression and obviously stay true to you, you don't want to jump the gun if your idea of sprucing up more clashes with their style/tastes.


The below reference photo is a great, classic look, simple and elegant, but keep in mind that if it's going to be dinner, red lips do require some maintenance, even if you're wearing a stain or long wear product. You don't want to run the risk of color bleeding, feathering, flaking, or even rubbing off on your chin when you're eating, so maybe sticking with a softer, more natural color would be a way to go.


Red lips also risk going into touchy territory, some might find the look is too high maintenance or too loud. I personally love red lips and believe it's all about confidence, if your personality can speak more than what your lip color is, kudos to you, but I've worn red or bold lipstick before and when talking to people they would drop lines like "Oh, I don't know how you do it, that's just way too much!" and this coming from women older than I. There is a fraction of the population that feels red is too "in your face" and it can make someone who is normally more conservative with their lifestyle and make up feel like you're a complete 180 from them.


That's why I'm curious about your bf's parents' background. When he tells you about them, do they feel more modern and relaxed? Are they very old-fashioned and conservative, even minimalistic?  Has he shown you photos of his mom even to where you can see what she looks like and how she wears her make up? Has your bf even ever shared any "Yeah, my mom thinks so-and-so wears too much make up!" stories?


I'm in no ways suggesting you turn into some plain Jane, but if you do opt for red lips, I suggest Stila's Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain. It's a gel stain so it absorbs into lips, allowing the fading that does eventually occur to be softer and more even as opposed to a long wear product that just remains at the surface. A couple of swipes allow for a sheer wash of cherry tint, still allowing you to wear red, but not be too brazen.

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Hey Lylysa,


His mom is the type that's more on the go and active and loves good conversation and good glass of wine also is very natural. His father is very laid back and mellow. 


I believe that I can take both looks and combine them into 1 very elegant look. I do agree with red lipstick. I don't want to have the dreaded lipstick on the chin. I've been there before it's very difficult and actually embarrasing for me. Seeing I take pride in my makeup I want to showcase my ability to beautify myself without having my lipstick go all over my face due to transfer. So a subtle lipstick is definitely a great option. 


I believe red lipstick is very classic and can often come off as very high maintenance. I think I do well pulling off a red lip but I do agree though it'll likely be too IN YOUR FACE or BOLD for seeing his parents. I don't want to look like a movie star lol. 


I really admire your POV on the topic of red lips. I never seen it quite the way you do before. It's great to really understand how something like a red lip can totally change the way you come off to someone. 


I've seen many photos of his mom on my facebook page. She's a very down to earth woman. 


The makeup she wears isn't really over dramatic at all. 


I think that I will go very neutral in the end though. Save my bold red lip look for another time :-)


Thanks so much for you informative and detailed post !


~ Carmen ~

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

My pleasure, Carmen!


It's crazy how a small detail like lip color of even the look of eye shadow can affect an impression. When I worked retail it was something I noticed greatly. My overall and constant goal was always great customer service and offering as much help as possible, but I would have days where I'm wearing loud, bold colorful eyes, some days where I was very subdued and natural, and some where I went more classic with the eyes but sported a bold magenta or red on lips and customers would really react differently with their approach.


Some folks didn't make any gesture or comment, while some would instantly be exclaim, "Oh, I don't want/need to look like you!" even before telling me what they wanted to go for. Sometimes older clients would give negative or callous reactions if my make up was louder, but sometimes they enjoyed the fun and difference in it. Same goes with the younger crowd, some would be put off when I had a natural face because they thought I would make them look older or "less fun". 


Best of luck at dinner and I hope you get along smashingly with his parents! Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

I think you should go this route. Bold, but neutral. Let them warm up to you and them hit 'em with the good stuff  on a later visitSmiley Happy

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Nothing like focusing on giving an even and flawless complexion and letting color items like blush, shadow, and lips just "enhance" what you have to work with already!


It's the "clean" slate approach and lets someone take all of your features in without focusing too much or solely on one part!

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Some good advice here, and just to echo the best of what's already been said: I say soft and natural and NOT overdone!  Not TOO much smokey eye.  


I would be nervous to have my make up done by someone I've never met before an important event; then again, it would be fun if this ups your confidence level.


Definitely be yourself and let your personality shine; they should remember an awesome person, not some distractingly heavy make up.  


I'm a little conservative in that regard though -- if intense make up really is your thing (it's not mine), then go for that and be yourself! lol

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Hey Nicrohr,


I definitely love the ideas/advice/tips I have recieved. I definitely want to be natural and not too overdone. A nice subtle smokey look is ideal for this dinner. 


I'm nervous only because I tend to be a bit picky with how I want to look. It's easy for me to envision how I see myself but harder to achieve it sometimes. However I trust that they can get the look I want spot on without looking to dramatic. 


It's definitely fun because I get to feel pampered and not have to feel rushed or nervous doing it myself. Usually in situations like this I would be so fearful of making a mistake and having to start over lol. 


I believe that intense makeup for me would only work if it was a different event/venue I was going to with him. Seeing his parents I want to look sophisticated without looking gaudy. 

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

These are all really great suggestions!! Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

I agree Laura :-). Lots of spectacular ideas to consider !

Re: Makeup Ideas For Meeting The Boyfriend's Parents ?

Thats very exciting!! I would just suggest a fresh not over-done look. NOTHING really bright or smokey Smiley Happy...and NO RED LIPSTICK  lol!

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