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Makeup Help

My husband is in the Airforce and will be getting his wings soon. I will either be wearing a mint skirt with a fitted white 3/4 shirt and white flats or this dress ( with the white flats. I need makeup ideas for both. I want it to look nice, professional and not over done since it is an Airforce event. Please help.

Re: Makeup Help

Hi SisterMaryEllen, the link to the dress didn't work, can you attach a pic?  Is this event going to be during the day or night?  Indoor or outdoor?  What is your skin tone, hair color, eye color?  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Makeup Help

Hi SisterMaryEllen,


When in doubt neutral it out Smiley Happy. For special events, business affairs, etc I always keep my makeup very neutral with tans and brown shadows. We have quite a few neutral palettes that I think will work well for your husband's special day.


The Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow


Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need Palette-Henrietta


Whimsically yours,

Re: Makeup Help

I'd go for neutral eyes, for sure.  Benefit's World Famous Neutrals palette in "Easiest" is exactly that...EASY.  I am an nurse and where them every single day with the wide range of scrub colors from hot pink to royal blue to lime green.  For your lips and it being summertime, I'd look into a tiny pop of color.  Maybe a coral/watermelon/or hot pink shade.  Clinique's Chubby Sticks are economical, and YSL makes a great lipstick that wears GORGEOUSLY for summer (see my profile for "favs" and shades I mean).  So, you've got a broad base of shades to take from based on your budget.  Assuming you'll be in lots of pictures, you'll want your face to be as matte as possible, no shine, and no flashback from wearing SPF.


Go watch Lisa Eldridge's YouTube videos, especially her "Fushia-licious" one.  She's brilliant at working with color and not making it too overdone or complicated.

Re: Makeup Help

This is the dress that I mentioned. My hair color is a dirty blond color and my eyes are blue. My skin tone is fair. The event will be during the day and it will take place both inside and out.

Re: Makeup Help

Beautiful dress! And I agree with Janine on the colors she recommended for you!

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