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Makeup Essentials

Im kinda new to makeup. I dont usually have alot of time in the morning to get ready. I was wondering what are the essentials I should have and wear. Thanks!

Re: Makeup Essentials

It all depends on what you're looking for. For me, if I'm in a rush I always use a powder foundation, blush and mascara. I would personally say the #1 essential is mascara. Smiley Happy Make-ups fun, so have a good time experimenting with it to find what you like best and fits into your lifestyle.  

Re: Makeup Essentials

Honestly, i think if you wear nothing else, i think it should be mascara.  Just a little thing makes a dramatic change in your eyes.  Whenever I'm running super late and have no time, as long as I get my mascara on, I'm good.

Re: Makeup Essentials

Hi TeyaBerg I agree with Stuntdouble.  It really depends on what you personally need.  My basics would be something to even out my skin (foundation/bb cream), eyeliner, mascara, bronzer or blush and gloss.

Hi TeyaBerg,   I agree! Everyone has a different opinion...

Hi TeyaBerg,


I agree! Everyone has a different opinion on what an essential product is! What type of products are you interested in?

<3 Melissa

Re: Hi TeyaBerg,   I agree! Everyone has a different opinion...

I usually use mascara and maybe a little eyeliner. I really just want a couple of easy quick things i could use to look more presentable and pu together in the morning

Re: Makeup Essentials

I agree with others that mascara is probably number one.  I just wish I'd realized this years ago!  (My mom pushed me to start wearing full makeup as a teen and I wasn't interested, so I didn't wear anything.  I still don't wear foundation much.  But oh I wish I'd had a friend to point out how much more your eyes stand out when you have something on your blond lashes!)


If I do nothing else I will put on shadow with the mascara.  But I think that's because I've decided I like eyeshadow. Smiley Happy


Something for your lips is probably up there, and I am so bad about remembering to put (and keep) that on.

Re: Makeup Essentials

I'd say you have to have a fondation, a primer, a mosturizer , a concelear, a blush, a bronzer, a eyeliner, and a mascara. Smiley Very Happy If you would like something better eye shadows like the naked or naked2 would be great.

Re: Makeup Essentials

Great Question!  But it really depends on you and what you are comfortable with and the look you are after.  For many years I only wore a lip gloss and a blush.  Thanks to having presentable skin, I did not need much.  Then came eyeliner & mascara.  I did not discover or need foundation till 15 years later.


But before make you should invest in PROTECTION!!!! I wish someone would have told me that when I was 15! sunblock & moisturize or one product that does both, then your makeup!!!

Re: Makeup Essentials

Something to moisturize, something to even skin tone, blush, eyeliner, and mascara.  Done.  If you need it/have time you can add some concealer and some color and shape to your brows.  On nights out or days when you have some extra time, use some bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, and lip gloss.  

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