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Make-up for television

I am auditioning for american idol and I need make-up advice for television. I have long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and oily skin. Help!!

Re: Make-up for television

Maybe try MUFE? 


Re: Make-up for television

I would recommend you try out makeup forever hd invisible cover foundation.  This foundation is meant to look good on television and for photo Shoots.  They offer a kit, the hd complexion started kit that has everything you would need for a flawless face!


for the rest of your makeup I would stay to keep it pretty natural and light. this lorac kit also seems to be great, and it comes with a bunch of products so you could save money by using just this.  It also offered a tutorial.

Re: Make-up for television


Do your makeup in a way that it fits the genre of the song you will be singing.

You didn't specify your skin tone, but in general, choose what you want to play up. either do a bold lip, or, do a natural face with a played up eye, for example,  winged liner.

Don't try anything that you are uncomfortable with, because you need your confidence to audition well!

I would recommend the mufe hd microfinish powder as a finish, it makes skin come out good in pictures and on screen.

Additionally, face contouring comes out great for this!

good luck!!!

Re: Make-up for television

Hi Shunka, 


I've done a lot of makeup for TV and the first thing I have to recommend is PRIMER! It will keep your makeup staying on your skin and matte so you don't have a super intense shine which is essential to prevent if you have oily or combination skin! What IS your skin type and what will you be wearing?


Don't over do it but don't forget your blush and eyeliner! Anything with an HD effect will be great for that flawless complexion but staples like blush and mascara can really go a long way. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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