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Make up for blue green eyes that defy typical color rules

I have blue green eyes that appear blue to a lot of folks until I begin searching for eye makeup.  Browns make me look tired and purples tend to be unflattering.  I have brunette hair.  Help!

Hi kimberly715,    Have you tried using a colored eyeline...

Hi kimberly715, 


Have you tried using a colored eyeliner and skipping the colored shadow altogether? When in doubt, I always recommend a neutral base shade all over the lid (a soft taupe or gold or pink always works) and line your eyes with a black, dark brown or grey liner and throw a bit of a colored liner in with it too. I like to use the brighter color on the lower lash line, or mix a bit onto the outer corner of the top lash line. I think a bright shade with a bit more of a shimmer or sheen would really bring out the shade in your eyes, like a pretty emerald green or turquoise, brighter purple, or a copper shade that is not too dark brown but has a more golden pop of color to contrast nicely with your eyes!


Urban Decay and Sephora Collection make some GREAT pencils..


Urban Decay 24-7 Glide on Pencils









Sephora Collection Jumbo 12 HR


#10  Green


#14 Violet


product image


You can still wear blues and greens, just make sure they are a good contrast from your eye color to give you a definite pop of color and make the eyes appear more striking. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I would suggest using a color that is opposite on the col...

I would suggest using a color that is opposite on the color wheel from your eye color.  This will make your eye color pop and you definitely won't look tired.


Since your eyes are blue green, orange and red/pink are the opposite colors on the color wheel.  Have you ever tried a coral eyeshadow?  Spring is here and it is always fun to add a splash of color to your makeup since the sun is out and we tend to wear more colors in our clothes.  Check out this color from Pantone- it looks great with pinks (both light and bright), golds and even more neutral colors as well.  






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