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Make up fades. ,!?


so I'm not sure how to make my make up last or stay longer on my nose. Most of my makep up stays well for the whole day except for my nose area and a little area in the middle of my chin. those two spots are the only places I become oily at. Plus my skin is slightly different on my nose.. like its slick and my make up slides off. I'm guessing because that's the only place I had troubled acne and my skin was damaged a bit. Slight redness. My skin is pretty sensitive and Flakes when temp changes. I always have to hydrate my skin in the mornings.

1: I use Clinique moisture surge let it set for 10.

2:Apply Narz sheer glow foundation or some days Nars tinted moisturizer.

3:and sett it with smash Box pressed tinted powder.

I dislike heavy make up and try to go as light and natural as possible.

am is my technique wrong? How can I make my light coverage stay put?

Re: Make up fades. ,!?

your technique sounds good, have you tried something like urban decays all nighter? its basically a spray that keeps your makeup from fading off or smudging for about 8-10 hours.

Re: Make up fades. ,!?

Do you use a primer before your foundation? I would suggest looking into getting one if you don't, they help your makeup last longer and some help a little with oil control. I would definitely recommend trying out Hourglass!


Re: Make up fades. ,!?

A mattifier may also help, comes in serum, lotion, primer forms etc..can be used only where needed.


The moisture surge could also be the wrong texture under Nars..I normally don't use moisture surge under makeup, rather a cream.

Re: Make up fades. ,!?

Use a primer in between your moisturizer and foundation.


A setting spray is also a great idea (as suggested by anonymous1).


Blotting the oil on your face throughout the day is also a great way to absorb the moisture which may be attributed to your makeup breaking down in those particular areas. I experience increased oiliness around my chin and nose as well, and I find that blotting and occasionally touching up with some face powder can help strengthen my makeups lasting power.

Re: Make up fades. ,!?

Thank you very much ladies! I will look into the products and methods metioned. your comments helped a lot!

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