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Mac Cosmetics?

I'll be going shopping next weekend and there is a Mac at the mall that I'm going to... I've never tried any of their products and I'm just looking for suggestions! Smiley Happy

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I'm a fan of their lipsticks (particularly candy yum yum) and eyeshadows, i wear their foundation except now that I know how bad it is for your skin I'm looking for a new one once my bottle is empty Smiley Sad Their skin finish highlighters are nice as well, but nothing you can't find at Sephora.


Honestly I only shop there for lipstick now since they're usually great quality and cheaper than the ones here (but it seems like their prices just went up.)

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

Huge fan of their lipsticks as well! Snob, Rebel, and Myth are my absolute go-to favorites! Their pressed pigments, and eyeshadows have also been a huge hit for me as well because they're a smidge cheaper then some of the other ones I buy (UD, MuFE, BB anyone?! haha) and they're very pigmented and great quality *depending on the shades*. I do test all the eyeshadows first in-store because I do find some shades aren't as great as the others. 

Blondie, what's bad about their foundation?! I've been wanting to try, but now I'm not too sure! Smiley Sad

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I actually love the way their foundation looks, but I bought it before reading any reviews. I don't know the particulars so I don't want to be too detailed about it, but I remember reading about how the ingredients aren't really good for your skin (a lot of the foundations at Sephora are usually made with ingredients that are generally healthy for the skin, don't clog pores, help combat prevalent skin issues, etc.) MAC contains parabens and it seems like a lot of the people who use it have terrible break outs after a while, for whatever reason. I find it drying, but haven't broken out luckily. 

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

Teresaanne - their Pro Long Wear foundation is very very good.  I have sensitive skin and it has never broke me out.  I had worn Estee Lauder Double Wear for years and switched to Mac Pro Long Wear.  It wears all day and doesn't oxidize at all. 

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I would say to avoid limited edition sets of eyeshadows. In my experience, the LE sets aren't nearly as good quality-wise compared to the permanent eyeshadows. I've bought the same MAC eyeshadow as a single and in a palette--they were like two different products. The single was pigmented and blended nicely; the LE was sheer, splotchy, and difficult to work with.


The lipsticks are nice--you should check out Viva Glam Rihanna (lipstick or lipglass); I've heard a lot of great things about it, and the money goes to the MAC AIDS Fund. It's LE but the Viva Glam products are always (IMO) good quality. I swatched both the lipstick and the lipglass in a store and immediately bought both, though I haven't tried them yet.

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I used to be a MAC junkie (I have a pro-card) and they quality of their makeup is good, I just don't like how the foundation clogs your pores so bad, so now I wear the Naked Foundation. I would only use that foundation now if I am going on a date or a special occasion. If you are wanting to shop go for the lipsticks which I love! I haven't found a brand I like as much as MACs. The blushes are also amazing and setting spray/powders I highly recommend I wouldn't go for any skincare items either.

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I love their blushes and lipsticks the most. Their pigments (both loose and pressed) are great, not my fave though. I have a few colours I worship though. I like their false lashes. 


Make sure you keep the containers after you use them up! MAC has a trade in program where you can trade in your used products for lipsticks and other products. Smiley Happy

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I just found MAC about a year ago. I had heard a lot of people talk about them but had never tried their products. So like you, I saw them in a mall and decided to stop in. The girls that worked there were very nice. I explained that I was brand new to their line so they set me in a chair and gave me a full makeover (for free) walking me through their different products. I walked out buying their fix it spay, three eye shadows, a liner, and a lip stick. The MAC girls were really knowledgeable. They even put make only on one of my eyes and had me do the other so that I would know how to duplicate the look myself.

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

Their Paint Pots are good.  I use "Painterly" as a base and primer.  You can't go wrong with their blushes.  Their Pro Long Wear Concealer is my holy grail concealer.  It does not settle into fine lines and wears ALL day without budging.  Fix + is a must have.  It's my last step in my makeup routine, just to spritz it all over my face - sets my makeup and just gives my makeup finish a boost.  Mac's Turquatic fragrance is awesome (realizing that everyone's taste in perfume is different though).  LOVE this fragrance and wear it every day.  I also love their eye pencils.  Have fun and good luck!  (I SO WISH SEPHORA WOULD CARRY MAC!!!!  Can you tell?!!! LOL)

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

Blacktrack fluid line Smiley Very Happy

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I love the Painterly paint pot. I have very fair skin and my veins show through really bad. This paint pot is an exact match of my eyelids and covers perfectly. One piece of advice...these will not work as a foundation. I assumed that since it worked so well for my eyes that it would be great as a foundation. I learned the hard way that is not true HAHA.

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I don't really care for their shadows....shocker I know lol I'm probably the only one. But the first shadow I bought years ago was Embark, and it was SO hard to blend that I was turned off from that point. Although, Omega makes a great contour color for the nose Smiley Happy


For face I don't tend to buy anything outside of their Blot Powder (HG) In my experience, a lot of MAC foundations really tend to break me out. Although, I finally gave into the hype and bought some MSF...fingers crossed it will not break me out. 


I love their Pro contour powders...I use emphasize everyday all day! 


I love their lipsticks...even though they dry my lips out, the colors are so beautiful! The best nude selection in my opinion. 


I used to be obsessed with their brushes, but now I buy Sigma...the quality is very comparable if not identical when it comes to certain brushes. 


Happy spending! Let us know what you get! 


Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I actually agree with you about not liking most of their face products or eyeshadows. The only eyeshadows that I really like are Moth Brown (which was LE anyway) and Satin Taupe. Other than that I would pick Urban Decay Shadows over MAC any day. I also agree that Sigma dupes most of the MAC brushes perfectly, except for the 239. So here are my recommendations:


1. 239 Brush: Best flat shader brush ever

2. Satin Taupe Eyeshadow: I don't think most of them are worth it but this one is gorgeous

3. Painterly Paint Pot (or whatever color best matches your skin): Perfect base for eyelids. I even use it on days I don't wear eyeshadow to conceal the veins in my eyelids

4. Cream Color Base in Pearl: A gorgeous cream highlighter that is glowy but not shimmery

5. Amplified or Creamsheen lipsticks: Obviously get whatever colors you like, but I think these are their best 2 formulas

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

Like you and Britlee I've only had problems with their products. I had a couple eye shadows and foundation a few years back (gave them away so I can't recall names) and my face broke out from the foundation while my eyes were itchy and watery from the shadows. It was sad because it was a present but it wasn't worth it, specially since I didn't really wear much makeup back then so why keep something I won't use at all.


I would suggest to OP that you ask the MAC associate to put the products on you and see how it feels on you.

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I say any of their lipsticks, brushes or eyeshadows.


I also love their pro-longwear foundation. It's perfect match for my skin and I have not broken out. It is a little heavy so I use about half a pump and it's perfect.

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

Lucky girl. You are in for fun. The lipsticks are amazing and there is a large color range. I dare you to not find a lipstick that suits you. Blushes are great too. Lots og great colors. If you are lighter skinned, dollymix might be one to try. If you are darker skinned, i recommend lovejoy. 


Avoid the polishes and foundations --- not that they arent good --- i just think you can do better.


go to their website and prep. 


Enjoy your trip

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

Well, first of all, don't buy into the limited edition stuff - the quality is usually not there.


Without knowing more details about your skin type, how you do your makeup, and so on, I'd go with non-specific recommendations:

  • Eyeshadows from the permanent line - I have crazy oily lids, and nothing works like them (UD fades even with primers after a few hours, and I have long days). My current faves are Haux (For my crease and lower lash line), Patina and Plumage (gotta stick a pop of color Smiley Wink)  I also use them to fill in my brows, and they last all day.
  • Get yourself a mineralize skinfinish - Soft & Gentle is a cult fave. They give such luminosity, I just love them (I use them as blushes, highlighters, eyeshadow, you name it).
  • And, last but not least, a 239 brush. It's the best brush ever - you can pack color with it, blend, apply under your lash line... it's just such a multi purpose brush, I love it.

Enjoy Smiley Happy

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

MIneralize lipsticks- I should say any MAC lipsticks

If you have oily skin I suggest the Studiofix powder, I've tried several times to pull away from it but have absolutely gone back everytime.

MAC Prep and Prime Foundation Primer

These are all just my personal favorites.

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

I am going to add on to this, beautylovingirl just reminded me of the Mineralize skin finish powder. It's awesome, I switched to the Urban Decay Naked foundation and the setting powder to go along with it and I noticed I was getting really oily quick, so yesterday I decided to us my MAC skin finish powder and I didn't have any oil throughout the day. So definitely try the powders!

Re: Mac Cosmetics?



Mineralized skinfinish

Pro longwear. Concealer

Re: Mac Cosmetics?

LIPSTICKS.  OMG. So many different colors for only $15 and amazing payoff. My favorite color is twig! Have fun and show us your haul afterwards!

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