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Looking for the right blush shade

I would really like to start wearing blush as I think it looks very pretty, but I can't figure out what the right sort of color would be for me. Above all else, I would really like to avoid looking blotchy, which is what I'm worried will happen if I pick the wrong shade. I have light skin with olive undertones, amber eyes, and medium brown hair with natural gold highlights. I would really appreciate some suggestions thank you so much!


Re: Looking for the right blush shade

I've heard to use the color your cheeks become after you work out.  I've heard to make a fist for a few seconds and then look at your finger tips. I've heard to coordinate with your lip color or undertones.  Recently I was actually googling this, and honestly for me I didn't really find the answer.  


Something I did see though that I agree with is that fair/light skin looks good in pinks/reds.  If you go too coral on light skin it can look orangy.  I found after a while that Nars Orgasm just isn't my color.  I have light skin with yellow/golden undertones.  Orgasm became ruddy on my skin.  


I always struggle to remember that my skin is very light (the yellow undertones make me feel like I am darker than I really am).  After a lot of trial and error I've found that light pinks look best on me.  I had always gravitated toward a more rosy pink thinking I wouldn't want to use the lightest colors.  


Next on my list to buy is either Tarte Dollface or Illamasqua Tremble/promise.  


Sorry my answer isn't super helpful.  I just wanted to share that I struggle with the same thing.  

Re: Looking for the right blush shade

I felt the same way about Orgasm on me too, I was worried it was just me! I always hear people say it is universally flattering, but it just looked bad on me.  I have light skin with yellow and olive undertones.


I do have Dollface and I like it a lot, I think you will too! : )


Tremble looks so pretty!

Re: Looking for the right blush shade

Actually, michmo, I found your answer very interesting. I've never heard those tips before!


To the OP, I have the same light/olive skin tone and I have been *loving* the product below. The color seems light, but it goes on gorgeous and natural. No matter the shade, I can recommend this product in any color. It really has staying power!


If you have a store nearby, maybe you could try on some different colors and also get their opinions.


EDIT: Ooops! I didn't see that michmo also mentioned this shade.

Re: Looking for the right blush shade

You definitely can't go wrong with Tarte Dollface. To the other extreme, I am a much more tan complexion with olive undertones and I can pull this off as well (ironically have it on today). I think that speaks to the shades ability to work with nearly any skin tone, despite it's very light appearance. The Tarte blushes are great because you can apply them lightly, or you can take a heavier hand to the application and get almost a completely different color out of it. I have three of the Tarte shades....I have Dollface, Blushing Bride, and Flush. Blushing Bride and Flush look SUPER scary in the pan, but again, with a light hand, they are gorgeous.

Re: Looking for the right blush shade

i'm a big fan of the Nars blushes, but if you want something a little less pricey Sephora's colorful blush collection is really pretty and it looks very natural.

Re: Looking for the right blush shade

Hi 59rushswoosh,


Flat splotchy blush irks me too! Based on your features I would recommend using something that will really bring out your undertones. Pinks, peaches, and even terra cotta hued blushes will look amazing on you!


The NARS Foreplay palette has four different blushes that are perfect for summer.


Benefit's Coralista blush is a nice tropical pink that looks good on everyone!


If you want something that is a bit more bold, and great for nights out, I'd suggest getting Kat Von D's Heartagram blush. The color is a stunning deep raspberry shade. Such an incredible blush.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Looking for the right blush shade

Orgasm wasn't a great color for me either.  I have light skin with yellow undertones and NARS Luster is AMAZING.  At night I like to add benefit sun beam for a golden glow!

Re: Looking for the right blush shade

I got a bare minerals blush in a pallet set and it was very long lasting and easy to blend.  Fr the coloring that you mention you may want to try their Ready blush in The Secret's Out.


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