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Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

Good morning Beauty Experts and Lovers,


I normally have pretty clear skin, but I do get little red bumps and pimples from time to time. I'd like a concealer that covers those to a T and you don't see them anymore. I've tried the Laura Mercier Camo one (With the two colors) and didn't seem to cover. I now purchased Benefits Boi-ing... and it's better, but I feel like it still doesn't cover?


Maybe I am applying it wrong, or something, but I want something quick and easy to use for little issues!!



Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

Hmm, I was going to recommend the Laura Mercier one. My most heavy-duty coverage concealer is my Clea de Peau, which I don't feel comfortable telling anyone to buy because it is so expensive. I feel ashamed for owning it lol


Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

Haha jellybean917, I am pretty sure we all have those products or items that we look at and see dollar bills spilling from every time we touch them! But hey, looking this good can't have a price! ;]


Thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out anyways!

Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

blarg I typed out a whole long reply and it randomly disappeared before I could post it. Smiley Sad


anyways, I hear ya.  The theme for me this year is struggling with multiple acne attacks so yeah I've been experimenting with concealers a LOT.  I still haven't found a way to make them totally disappear, but here's my current process:


1. Kat Von D Lock-It foundation.  It's full coverage, but blemishes still show through.

2. Take a lighter concealer and dot it over the darker blemishes.  I purposely use one a shade or two lighter than my skin to counteract the darkness of the blemishes or post-acne marks.  Also, I apply this with a tiny stiff brush (ELF $1 concealer brush is my current favorite) because I only want tiny dots that JUST cover the blemish area and not a big huge patch of concealer.

3. Use a concealer that matches your skintone to blend over the lighter-color dots.  They don't completely disappear but they're mostly unnoticeable unless someone is rudely staring right up in your face.

4. Small bit of finishing powder to set.


For #2, I've found it's best to use a harder/stickier concealer like the LM one you mentioned above.  I'm currently using one from Yaby that has a very similar texture to the LM.  Sometimes I also use Hard Candy Glamoflage which is more cream/liquid.


For #3, I found that Benefit Boooing works really well.  It's slightly creamier than the LM or Yaby so blends well on top of those.  MUFE is not bad either but Booooing might have more coverage.

Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

Kat Von D's concealer may work for you that  stuff is not coming off but remember to apply it thin and lightly because if you get to much on there it will make it look bigger and worse. Maybe stop in and let one of the SA's get you a sample. Smiley Happy

Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

Check out Vichy, the brand isn't sold in Sephora, but they have great options. They also treat the blemish to get rid of it sooner.

Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

Hi liveinlovexx,


It sounds like you may need a heavier concealer. Make Up For Ever's Full Coverage Concealer is designed to cover major imperfections like dark marks and scars.


Alternatively you can always apply Boi-ing in layers. I would recommend applying some onto the desired area, then going ahead and adding another layer after you apply your foundation.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

You might also look into the technique at which you use to cover your blemishes. Take a look at this thread where I put together a little visual to better help describe a technique for covering blemishes/raised areas:


In addition to that, using a long wearing, richly pigmented concealer like Tarte's Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer. This stick concealer has a creamy, easy to blend consistency that dries down to a powder like finish and uses Amazonian clay to absorb/deal with oil, making it perfect for blemishes and problematic skin.



For blemishes, try to match up as close as you can to your skin tone.



Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

CoverFX is a concealer that offers a bit more coverage- I like it a lot. A little bit pricey, but a small bit goes a long way, and they have a lot of options for colors.

Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

Thought i'd add my two cents...


I know you're looking for a concealer, but I have to recommend the Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation. It's a compact, cream foundation and has a similar consistency to some concealers.  The coverage is UNBELIEVABLE, and you don't necessarily have to use it as a foundation and instead can use it just to conceal.  It doesn't break me out, comes in a variety of shades, and literally covers all redness and imperfections.  Definitely worth a look!


I also highly recommend Make Up For Ever's Full Cover Concealer or 5 Camouflage cream palette.  They both cover really well, and what I like about the palette is that you can mix and match colors to fit your skin tone perfectly.


Hope this helps and best of luck!

Re: Looking for a heavy concealer for blemishes! Help! :]

Wow thanks SO much for all of the replys. There are millions of products to consider now and to try! I will check out my technique like lylysa mentioned, because I know I probably have something to do with not putting it on correctly!


Thanks everyone! <3

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