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Looking for a Good Serum

I am looking for s serum to help me out.  I am twenty five years old and have some dark spots, due to acne.  I am also looking for something which might be hydrating to my face.  I use the Dr. Dennis Gross Daily face peels and it does dry my face just a little bit.  A little bit of moisture added to my nighttime regime would be lovely.  I have combination skin type, which tends to get dry within the cheek area.  I am also twenty five, if that helps.



Re: Looking for a Good Serum

You could incorporate his Active vitamin D oil it can be used AM/or PM right after his Alpha Peel and provides great hydration. Hope this helps!

Re: Looking for a Good Serum

Thank you for the prompt response!  Another question - when it comes to a serum, would you rub it in or more so pat it gently upon the face?


Again, thank you!

Re: Looking for a Good Serum

Pat gently on the face. Just put a couple of drops in you hands rub together once or twice not too much though because you don't want it to be absorbed by your hands. Then pat over face and neck.


Re: Looking for a Good Serum

Awesome! Thank you so very much!

Re: Looking for a Good Serum

In case, you ever want to take a break from the face peels, Clinique's even better dark spot corrector is great for acne scars and gentle on sensitive combination skin types.

Re: Looking for a Good Serum

Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum is a gentle and effective serum that helps to brighten/even out skin tone while also hydrating and helping lend a hand into further skin care with the use of vitamin C and sodium hyaluronate.


Vitamin C will gently brighten aand even out skin tone without making your skin sensitive to UV rays while also providing oxidation protection to prevent issues like sun spots or age spots. I've used this on my cheeks were I have a couple of post acne marks and it really helped. I started noticing my skin looking more even within two weeks. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production in skin so it'll keep your skin supple. Sodium hyaluronate binds healthy moisture particles to skin to help quench dry areas or even plump up areas with fine lines.



Re: Looking for a Good Serum

Your so welcome! Glad I could help!

Re: Looking for a Good Serum

Hi Manda,


Great suggestions you have! I love all the products mentioned and wanted to suggest another great hydrating serum by Kate Somerville:


Quench Hydrating Face Serum (also in oil free) is great to leave your skin feeling firm, hydrated and glowing without being greasy feeling or causing breakouts:


Kate Somerville - Quench Hydrating Face Serum

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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