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Looking For A Neutral Palette.

Looking for a nice neutral palette that isn't similar to the Naked Palettes! I have both of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes already.

Re: Looking For A Neutral Palette.

I second Titian. I love the Saint palette by Kat von D. The colors are super pigmented and go on really well. The only issue is it doesn't include a black, but most everyone has a black already.

Re: Looking For A Neutral Palette.

The Saint palette is really nice, but when I bought it, I didn't read the description well enough.  Only one of the colors is matte.  If you're young enough for sparkly eye shadow, it's perfect for you.  On me, it looks really dumb.  So just a heads up on that. :-)


Re: Looking For A Neutral Palette.

Hi StephScarlett,


I used the KVD palette almost everyday too. I also wanted to add that Too Faced also have a pretty everyday palette.


Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection


<3 Melissa

Re: Looking For A Neutral Palette.

I use this Too Faced Natural Eye palette everyday, It's perfect and simple.


Re: Looking For A Neutral Palette.

Hands down, Lorac Pro Palette.  It is by far my most favorite and most used palette.

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