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Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!


This chat is now closed. Thank you for your participation!


Discover Deborah Lippmann’s industry secrets for pulling off the perfect manicure! Visit this thread on August 20 between 12-1pm PST to participate in our live Q&A with celebrity manicurist and brand founder Deborah Lippmann. Find out how to choose the right color, create modern designs, and ask a nail question of your own.


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Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

Your Space Oddity set for Nordstrom Annv is AMAZING! I think Baby I’m a Star painted over Planet Rock is my favorite polish combo ever!

Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

Thank you! xx

Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

opps, my question didn't make it...
Will Baby I'm a Star come out in regular-sized bottles? I'm all but out already. Thank you for rocking! Kat

Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

Hi Deborah -


Can you share your "must have" colors from your collections??  Favorite nude?  Favorite red?  Favorite dark?


Love to have your insight!!



Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

Must have from my collections depend on the person's skin tone. I have been wearing Chasing Pavements, Naked and Modern Love as my go to nudes lately. Lady is a Tramp is a go-to red; Dark Side of the Moon if I'm feeling edgy; Lilac Wine if I'm feeling sweet.


Chasing Pavements, Modern Love Lady is a Tramp, Dark Side of the Moon, Lilac Wine:



I think if you're a Deborahnista, you must check out my new Jewel Heist collection (Yes, I'm obsessed with jewelry!). I took new glitter shades to a whole new level with mega holographic glitters that are over the top and new to our current glitter range. This newest glitter finish gives a never-before-seen high impact reflection of a full spectrum of colors.

Glitter and Be Gay, Shake Your Money Maker:

Laughin' To The Bank:

Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!


I paint my fingernails a lot and always use a base coat.  Recently I have started to notice my nails turning a slight yellow colour.  i was wondering if you know the cause of this and have any solutions to help?



Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

If you're noticing yellow on your nails, try using my Smooth Operator buffer. You can soak your fingers in a bowl of lemon juice first and then buff gently. Some of us have more porous nails than others and if we wear more pigmented shades, our nails discolor. I don't believe you are damaging your nails. Try using Turn Back Time - it contains micro-ionized diamond spheres that make your nails look gorgeous.


Smooth Operator Buffer File:


Turn Back Time:



Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

I think word of mouth is always a good way to begin. Do you have any friends who get weekly manicures? Ask them not only what salon but what technician they see. I would take a quick look around the salon and look at the corners and try to peek into the technicians drawers for cleanliness.


And it's not only pedicure tubs and metal implements that need to be clean. Imagine the person before you has an open sore on her cuticle and the technician will try her best not to touch that open wound with the brushes or droppers that she's using. Sometimes a technician could accidentally touch an open wound and then it can touch you - need I say more?


I also recommend taking your own products with you to a new salon -- as my husband always says, "If it hasn't been with you - you don't know where it's been."

Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

This is not a question, just a statement.You & your polishes are the greatest! You are so relatable, you know what you are talking about, you are a nail fan, your enthusiasim can't be beat, the colors you create are perfection & I own 80 of them & can never have enough! Thank you truly for helping me stop being a nail biter & start being a nail warrior. One of my favorite things that I get enjoyment out of is my nails. It's my one "me-time" thing. I love looking down at my nails & seeing them glitter & shine with your colors. It's like you caputured smiles in your bottles. There is a color for every occasion.

Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

Thank you so much Mia! xx

Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

I think whatever works for you is great. I have a lot of customers that requested a more' natural" approach so I created the Gel Lab solution. You can use Gel Lab Base and Top Coat with any regular nail lacquer to achieve a similar high-shine, long-wearing effect of a gel mani -- without the lamps, tools or any damage to your nails. It' safe, simple and a cinch to remove.


Gel lab:

Re: Live Nail Q&A with Deborah Lippmann!

It's been so much fun chatting with all of you! If we didn't get to your question, I hope that we will the next time. I have to get back to prepping for the upcoming New York Fashion Week. Stay tuned for new nail trends coming your way soon!

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