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Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate


This chat is now closed! Thank you all for your participation!


Learn more about Charlotte and Ciaté's amazing nail art kits on The Sephora Glossy!>


Live from London! You’re invited to our Q&A with Ciaté founder and creative director Charlotte Knight. Visit this thread on June 25th between 12-1pm PST to participate. Find out how to pull off the latest nail art trends, learn tips that’ll take your mani to the next level, and ask a question of your own.


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Learn more about the brand>


Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

My red one is in the post, I couldn't resist getting it! Smiley Wink


Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

Hey Mimibel,


Firstly, love your swimsuit!


So I'd say that Mother of Pearl Caviar as a twist to the classic French tip would be the best way to style this out.


For a non-Caviar look, go for a rouge Half Moon Manicure and channel your inner Dita Von Tease Smiley Happy


Happy Summer!


CK xoxo

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

Thanks much for both of the suggestions and for doing this chat, all the Q&A are interesting.
I think the half-moon mani is so pretty. Since my nails are long/acrylic, doing caviar tips will look amazing!

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

What's your opinion on an accent nail? Any tips on choosing the right colors for an accent nail?

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

Hey invisiblebike,


Completely depends on your mood and the look you want to achieve - personally, I love to go all out on the ring finger detail - our Sequinned Manicure is great for this.


Or you can go match-matchy - try pastel blue Ferris Wheel with a twist of blue glitter using Rollercoaster for a more subtle twist.


Don't neglect your ring finger, get mixing!


CK xoxo


Ferris Wheel:



Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

It would be awesome if you did a giveaway in this chat Smiley Wink


But seriously, I love your polish & the bottles are adorable.


What is your favorite finish on nails? I've always loved glitter, but have been drawn to matte finishes lately.


& BTW you are gorgeous!

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

Orhh thanks kkkkkels, thats so sweet! One of my favourite finishes in a polish is duochrome, which gives a multitonal effect. My no 1 choice for this, and our best seller, is Oil Slick.


CK xoxo


Oil Slick:

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

I'm not the most nail art kind of girl and I honestly find those gems and flowers pretty tacky. But I fell in love with Ciaté's nail caviar and chalkboard set, as they bring fun and chic to nail art.


These the only nail art I ever used and I'm looking forward to what comes next.


So, my question is: What comes next? What's the trend now for nail art that's elegant and non-tacky?

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

Hey kats858,


Agreed, nail art can sometimes look tacky, which is not great!


Definitely steer clear of gems and flowers - try out our glitter kits, like Corrupted Neon or Sequinned Manicure.


In terms of whats on the horizon, I can't tell you just yet but rest assured it is gorgeous and not tacky in any way!


Why not mash up Caviar with Chalkboard for a fresh take on nail art, I'm always using this trick.


Keep experimenting and have fun!!


CK xoxo

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

Thanks, Charlotte!

By the way, I LOVE the red you posted below.

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

Hi (again!) -

I am always on the lookout for new blogs that showcase great trends and styles.  What are your favorite style/nail/fashion/design blogs?  


Catherine (aka Spinderella!)

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

Hi Catherine,


So am I! There are so many my favourites are constantly evolving! My favourite blog of the moment is the Coveteur, which brightens up my inbox everyday with insider interviews from the hottest names in fashion and beauty. I am also a keen follower of British Beauty Blogger, who always covers the latest beauty launches and gives an honest opinion so I know the real truth about what's hot and what's no!


Hope you have been inspired!


CK xoxo

Re: Live Nail Art Q&A with Ciate

Hi girls,


Thanks so much for joining me on chat and asking all your need to know nail questions. I hope you have a great day and make sure you keep up to date with our latest launches and styling suggestions by following us on Twitter at @ciatenails!


Lots of love,


CK xoxo

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