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Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!


This chat is now closed! Thank you all for your participation!


April 30th is National Hairstyling Day! Visit this thread between 12-1 pm PST on 4/30 to ask T3 Lead Stylist & Celebrity Stylist Dan Sharp a hair question--anything from hair health tips to the hottest red carpet looks--and learn how to amp up your style.


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Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

hi Dan and Sephora, thank you for doing this Q & A.

Dan,  could you list the tools and products that are a MUST for every woman to have in her normal blowdry/style kit.

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi Janie! Luckily, Sephora makes it easy - they have everything you need. Smiley Happy First I recommend getting the T3 x Living Proof Pump Up the Volume Featherweight 2 Set. This has your T3 blowdryer - a MUST in my kit - plus a bonus wide tooth detangling comb and Living Proof Full Thickening Cream. I would also get an ionic barrel brush for styling - the longer your hair, the bigger the barrel should be. 


T3 Featherweight 2


Living Proof Full Thickening Cream

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi Dan!  I'm so excited your here!  


I need help.  I'm trying to grow my hair out, but it kinda stopped growing and its super dry and breaking.  I love styling it styling it with bouncy waves, but am scared it will break more.  What can I do to fix it?




Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi there! I recommend using a dietary hair & nail supplement - I really like PHYTO's.


Phyto Phytophanère Hair And Nails Dietary Supplement

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi Dan!  I've noticed my hair has been thinning lately, and am wondering any tips/tricks you have to help make it feel more full.  Or any product suggestions to help?  Thanks!!

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi! T3 just launched a new set with Living Proof that is perfect for you. It's called Pump Up the Volume and includes a Featherweight 2 Dryer - clinically proven to increase Body by 86%, plus a Living Proof Full Thickening Cream and wide tooth comb. I love the entire Living Proof Full line as well.


Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi Dan, I regularly blow dry my hair and was wondering how often is too often?  I don't want to damage/dry it out...!  

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Great question! Most of us blowdryer our hair every time we wash it. While I recommend rocking a style for 2-3 days if you can, the proprietary Tourmaline plus SoftAire technology in T3 Featherweight Dryers ensures healthy results every time you style your hair - they are clinically proven to be healthier than air drying in fact! I also highly recommend installing a filter for your shower, like the T3 Source Showerhead. The chlorine in your water is likely more damaging to your hair than blowdrying. 


T3 Featherweight 2


T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi Dan!


I am quite inept when it comes to doing my hair so please bear with me...


I've had the T3 Pro Wet or Dry Flat Iron for a couple years and absolutely love it!  I never use it wet though - the sizzle I hear freaks me out and my hair never seems to get as smooth as when I use it dry.  Am I doing something wrong?  Different temp maybe (I use it at 370) or a specific product you can recommend?


Also, I have a hair dryer from the drugstore.  Will it really make a difference in how smooth or less frizzy my hair is if I purchase a T3 hair dryer?  Don't they all just blow hot air?

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi Kalex! If you are loving the results from your Flat Iron, I would go with what works for you! Smiley Happy


I use the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer in my salon and it is the most important product in my kit. You will definitely see a difference when using this dryer - it's actually clinically proven to make your hair healthier and more beautiful every time you use it. I think you will be amazed at the results!


Featherweight Luxe 2i

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