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Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!


This chat is now closed! Thank you all for your participation!


April 30th is National Hairstyling Day! Visit this thread between 12-1 pm PST on 4/30 to ask T3 Lead Stylist & Celebrity Stylist Dan Sharp a hair question--anything from hair health tips to the hottest red carpet looks--and learn how to amp up your style.


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Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi everyone! Happy Hairstyle Appreciation Day! I'm really feeling the love - are you too? Any special plans to celebrate the day?

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi Dan, so excited you're here! So I have a few questions and would love an answer any (if not all) of them.  =)


1. I have really long hair and am still married to keeping it long but can't seem to find a new style/cut for my long hair that isn't just "long layers."  Other suggestions to freshen up a long hairstyle.  Currently I have long layers w/ blunt bangs.


2. I am 9 months post partum and am now battling with a ridiculous amount of "new growth" all over my head.  Basically I have 2-3 inch hair growing all over my head.  This happens after you give birth and your "pregnancy hair" falls out.  I look like a crazy person because my bangs won't stay tamed down enough to hide the little guys underneath.  Styling tips?


3. Have you heard of Balayage and is it bad for your hair?


WHEW!  Sorry for all the questions but thougth I'd hedge my bets by asking a few in hopes of at least a single answer.  Thanks in advance and can't wait to hear from you!

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi there! Happy to help. I am going to actually answer all 3 questions at once. If you've already tried different kinds of long layers, you should experiment with color! For example, Balayage or Ombre. These two different application techniques won't damage your hair and can really add a creative style to any haircut. Also try finishing the whole thing off with a gloss - this will help add major shine to your color and might even help tame those "new growth" hairs. 

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!


I have the t3 singlepass straightening iron, and I absolutely love it, but wanted to know what the ideal temperature is for someone with below shoulder-length, thick, curly hair? I get great results with it right now, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't using too high of a temperature and potentially frying it.


Also can you recommend any products to help prevent my ends from splitting or breaking?





Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi Jessica! For thick, curly hair I recommend using the SinglePass on 400-425 degrees. T3 tools are made with their Tourmaline infusion and digital SinglePass technology which won't fry your hair and allows you to style it perfectly in one pass. For preventing split ends, I'm loving the new Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil that comes in the T3 x Bumble SinglePass set - it's perfect for you! Smiley Happy


T3 x Bumble And Bumble SinglePass + Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Styling Set

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Good afternoon!


I am African American with thick, coarse hair, which I usually relax and color.  I've always been complimented on my hair and it has been able to hold any style.  However, I'm at the fun age where texture seems to be changing and I worry about breakage particularly at the crown.  Is there something my stylist and I should be doing differently?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hello! Be sure you are using products that are ultra-hydrating. Moisture is key right now. I recommend using Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask at least once a month.

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hi Dan! My hair falls slightly past my shoulders right now, and I usually wear it straight. I've been wearing the same look for many years and I'm looking for a new summer haircut / color to change it up a bit. 

Right now my hair is brown and I have a deep complexion. What new style trends are you seeing right now for summer? I want to stay current!


Thank you!

Re: Now Open! Live Hairstyling Q&A with T3!

Hey Cocobella! One of the things that we've been playing with at Danka Panka is color blocking. It's where you use different single process colors on different areas on the head to create a range shades and tones - it's a really beautiful effect. You can make it as subtle or as dramatic as you want. 

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