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Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!


This chat is now closed, but if Alli didn't get to your question, don't worry! She will be back to answer your questions.Thanks for your participation!


Learn Drybar’s top tips for achieving salon-worthy hair at home. Visit this thread on July 10 between 10-11 am PST to participate in our live Q&A with Drybar founder Alli Webb. Find out how to get the perfect blowout, create voluminous waves, and ask a hair question of your own.


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Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hello there, first off what a great innovative idea in having a "cocktail bar" for your hair! You guys should expand to Florida btw. It would be the perfect battling ground with its humidity!


I have a question though, instead of using heating tools for soft waves, do you have any tips on how to achieve that effect?

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

I agree, I grew up in Boca Raton! Don't worry... we will get there Smiley Happy


You can absolutely get wave by using the right brush - our Full Pint or Half Pint (depending on the length of your hair) can really help give you a nice wave. The ceramic barrel heats up from the dryer and has the same effect an iron would... Be sure to work in small, manageable sections! 


Check out my how-to video to see how!


Full Pint Medium Round Brush>

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi Alli,

Please help! I have naturally very thick hair, that is wavy/curly when I scruntch it after the shower! I always straighten it because if I don't it gets frizzy. I also have color treated hair, and want to maintain that color, I don't want my gel or moouse to strip it. I've tried some products to keep my hair natural and curly but most just make it greasy and it still seems to poof up or frizz. What could I use to get my hair to be a little more sleek and controlled, without feeling weighed down and disgusting?! Thanks!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

What products do you recommend for oily hair? My scalp is super oily and my ends are dry. Thank you!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi try our Happy Hour Shampoo... it really cleans the scalp and helps eliminate oils! For Dry ends, try The Chaser or 100 Proof - they will give you a some hydration and lots of shine.


Happy Hour Weightless Shampoo>


The Chaser Shine Pomade>

 100 Proof Treatment Oil>

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

I have thick hair.  Is it imperative that I begin drying when it's still very wet, or is it fine to let it air dry significantly before I begin styling?  I wear my hair in loose waves.  Thanks!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi Everyone! So excited to talk all things hair!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

I want tips on using dry shampoo to preserve a style.  I can easily get away with going a few days between shampoos, but the dry shampoo buildup can get annoying. How much dry shampoo should I be using and should I use it starting the second day? 

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi Alli! I have long thick wavy hair. I have the hardest time blow drying my hair like seriously the only time I blow dry my hair is when I get it cut once a year. I understand the concept of sectioning the hair off and stuff, but I can never get my hair under control. I use a cheap Conair blow dry that was $30 at Target and a Nexus frizz fighting cream when I try to blow dry.  Would you say I might need a special blow dryer or different products in my hair? I need help!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

 i have dry, dehydrated hair that blows dry with a lot of frizz. i've tried letting it dry naturally only to have frizz again. what can you recommend for me to get a sleek blow dry?

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