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Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!


This chat is now closed, but if Alli didn't get to your question, don't worry! She will be back to answer your questions.Thanks for your participation!


Learn Drybar’s top tips for achieving salon-worthy hair at home. Visit this thread on July 10 between 10-11 am PST to participate in our live Q&A with Drybar founder Alli Webb. Find out how to get the perfect blowout, create voluminous waves, and ask a hair question of your own.


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Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

I'd try Hot Toddy and The Chaser - they are great frizz fighters!


When you are letting your hair dry naturally, try Sachajuan Ocen Mist - it's great when you are not blow drying but want a little texture!


For a sleep blowout, try Cream Soda to help smooth and hydrate!


Hot Toddy Heat Protector Frizz Fighter:

The Chaser Shine Pomade>

Cream Soda Smoothing Cream>


Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

thank you! i'll check them out! this was awesome btw to get advice from you alli!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi Alli! 

I have thick, frizzy,wavy hair. Some parts of my hair are straighter and others are wavy others are just completely out of this world. As you could probably imagine, I sometimes have a rough time managing my hair. I am considering undergoing a brazilian blowout to smooth out the texture of my hair or undergoing a permanent straightening treatment. I am hoping you could explain the difference between some known treatments such as the brazillian blowout, keratin treatment, and japanese hair straightening treatments. 

My Hair and I thank you so much!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hey Ali! I have natural blonde hair that I dyed red for years. A year ago, I went back to blonde and nearly fried my hair with all the bleaching I had done. My hair is growing back in and the top isn't so dry and unmanageable, but it is super oily! So, what I am asking is how to deal with hair that is crazy oily, but still crazy dry and damaged at the ends! I never know if I should use a shampoo and conditioner for buildup or strengthening or what. And I've tried dry shampoo (I can seriously barely go the whole day without my hair looking super oily), but it just makes it oilier. D: I'd appreciate some guidance here because the last time I went to DryBar, I got home and my hair was really manageable and not so oily.. It was awesome!


Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

What tips do you have for a curly haired girl when it comes to blowing out her own hair? I'd like to reduce my reliance on a straightener as much as possible, but blow drying my hair, even with a round brush, always leads to tons of frizz.


I was also wondering what you feel the best product is for protecting my hair from heat in order to reduce split ends?


Thank you!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi Alli what product would you reccommend for a really dry scalp? I have tried numerous shampoos that the salon I goto reccommends?

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Try Phytopolléine Botanical Scalp Treatment!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi Alli,

1) What lipstick color and name brand are you wearing there? It's gorgeous!

2) I have dark copper hair which is very frizzy and curly. I use gel on wet hair every two days in order to keep it tamed. Is there anything that I can do about the color fading with age and the frowziness of my hair without flattening it out.

Thank you.

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi Alli, 


Any tips for quick at-home blow drys for girls with SUPER THICK naturally straight-wavyish hair?


Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Never participated before but when I saw it was Alli from Dry Bar I had to!


I'm so excited I found the Scottsdale location because I had been going to random salons, from time to time, getting blowouts and the quality was never consistent. I have such flat limp hair and I leave Dry Bar feeling so much prettier and better about myself. 


Haha I don't even have a question. I just love the concept and the great customer service I receive. It's amazing how something so simple as a blow out can change someone's self perception and make their day. Thank you again!

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