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Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!


This chat is now closed, but if Alli didn't get to your question, don't worry! She will be back to answer your questions.Thanks for your participation!


Learn Drybar’s top tips for achieving salon-worthy hair at home. Visit this thread on July 10 between 10-11 am PST to participate in our live Q&A with Drybar founder Alli Webb. Find out how to get the perfect blowout, create voluminous waves, and ask a hair question of your own.


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Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

i have fine wavy hair and when I  use the money maker I end up getting a frizz layer that I normally dont get.  what am I doing wrong?  


Also when I blow out my hair, I twist and use a Bobbi pin to keep the wave\curl until it cools but I end up with a crease in my hair.  Any suggestions?  Thanks so much.  

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!



What is the best sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for curly, dry hair?


Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Happy Hour Shampoo & Conditioner! You will love them Smiley Happy


Happy Hour Weightless Shampoo>

Happy Hour Weightless Conditioner>

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi there,

What is the best way to get volume at the roots without teasing? Teasing my hair (even a little) has taken a toll on my roots, big time!


Also, does a round brush really make a huge difference?



Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi Alli!


I just recently purchased the Buttercup (that I love) however, I find that the more I roundbrush, the more breakage I get on my hairline. Any suggestions for reducing breakage, while still being able to have voluminous round brushed hair?



Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi Alli-

I have very dry, thin, brittle hair that needs lots of love. I love drybar products, but I am not sure exactly how to use them without making my hair look too oily and flat. I blow dry my hair, then use the DB oil to smooth it all down. Do you have any suggestions on how to add volume to my dry, thin hair without making it look frizzy? Thanks!

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

Hi, I'd start with Hot Toddy - you only need a little and it will really help w the dryness. I'd also try Southern Belle for volume - it's super lightweight too. And after your blowout, when you use the oil, just use a little bit, just a pump or two. And only apply from the mid-shafts and down - never on your roots.


In between blowouts you also might want to try a treatment Masque... we don't have one just yet, but Alterna makes a great one called Caviar Repair RX Micro-Bead Fill & Fix Treatment Masque


Hot Toddy>


Southern Belle>


Alterna Caviar Masque>

Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

what is the best products for me to use when I blow dry my hair to avoid frizz in the hot Summer months?


Re: Live Hairstyling Q&A with Drybar!

A cocktail of Hot Toddy and Cream Soda should do the trick! Hot Toddy can go all over head, but Cream Soda apply from the mid-shaft to ends.


Hot Toddy Heat Protector Frizz Fighter:

Cream Soda Smoothing Cream>

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