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Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

This thread is now closed. Thank you for your participation!


Curious about coral? Intrigued by indigo? Get all of the answers to your bold lip questions from Susanne Langmuir, founder of Bite Beauty. Visit this thread on February 23 from 12-1pm PST to participate in our live chat and ask a question.


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Re: Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

Any plans for a glittery lipstick for the holidays? I'm yearning for a gold or copper version of opal!

Re: Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

Good question! Yes! Considering that we don’t have a lot of pearl of shimmer in the line, this one is going to be VERY special! We are so excited!

Re: Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

Hi Susanne, thanks for joining us.


A few questions;

- is there any chance you will open a Canadian Lip Lab any time soon?

- will there ever be a true, bold orange BITE lipstick?

- can you recommend a replacement for my beloved discontinued BITE Cin Cin in the new Amuse Bouche formula?


Thank you so much for your time!

Re: Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

Yes! Our Queen and Euclid location is expected to open June 1st! Very exciting, we can’t wait! Hope to see you there.

Yes, try Persimmon from our Amuse Bouche Collection.


Yes, Gingersnap is very close to Cin Cin.


Re: Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

OMG that's so close to my house!!!


This is going to be amazing.  Thanks Susanne!

Re: Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

Hi Susanne! Thanks for chatting with us today! I had 2 questions.


1) Are there any plans to resurrect the monthly LLLRs? Those were my favorite days of the months Smiley Very Happy


2) Is there anything in the works for more unique colors, particularly metallics?



Re: Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

Not at this time. It was one of my favourite programs, but I am dedicated my time in the lab to future innovations that we can offer on a larger scale.


Yes! Both unique and metallic. IT is very important to me that we do this in the bite way, balancing dimensionality with trend to ensure they are both trend driven and timeless.   I was just evaluating the most beautiful shade of green I have ever seen.

Re: Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

Thanks Susanne! How exciting - can't wait Smiley Happy

Re: Live Chat with Susanne Langmuir

Hello Susanne! My favorite shade from the Luminous Creme line was Rhone, but was told it was discontinued. Now that Amuse Bouche has replace the LC line, is there a new shade that is similar to Rhone?

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