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Live Chat with Natasha Denona

This thread is now closed. Thank you for your participation!


Brand founder Natasha Denona is making her BeautyTalk debut on Wednesday, May 25, to answer your beauty questions. Visit this thread between 12pm and 1pm PDT to ask her anything—from what makes her eyeshadow formulas so pigmented to her go-to product for glowing skin.


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Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hello Natasha!


I'm such of fan of you and your brand! So sorry if I have too many questions! First, I just want to compliment your shimmer formulas. They're literally the best I've tried (and I've tried way too many)  and I want all of your shimmers.


1. I struggle with applying matte shades of any brand to my crease, because it just ends up looking muddy. Your looks on instagram look sharp, but blended. What brushes do you use? and how do you get that effect? can you just do my eye makeup for me? haha I usually just use one color across my eyelid (usually a shimmer) and that's it, because I can't get anything else to look good. I want to do more, but I'm failing miserably haha


2. I bought the sunset palettte and it is gorgeous. Do you have plans to make singles of these so I don't have to buy a backup? I knew I had to have this palette for the mandarin shade and I'm sure I'll go through some faster than others. Are you going to make this palette permanent? you should Smiley Happy also, compliments on your packaging. I love that you make your larger palettes magnetic so you can swap shades out. Are the new 5 pan palettes this way, too?


3. speaking of LE releases, they often cause resellers to buy up the stock and sell them for markup (i think this palette is on ebay for $250 right now). as the person who makes the decision behind the brand, why do brands do this? it seems marketing something early on as LE benefits resellers who keep products out of true customers hands. why not say something is permanent and just pull it/discontinue it later if it doesn't sell?


4. I follow you on instagram and I'm impressed with how you respond to your fans and customers. You helped me get my shipping concerns addressed and you respond incredibly well to some of the criticisms that I've seen posted. As a business woman, did this come naturally to you? What do you do to keep yourself sane from the criticism that is an inherent part (it seems) of being a business woman in the social media era?


5. Do you have any plans for a cool palette? any new releases you can talk about?


6. what's your favorite makeup product in your line? what's your favorite makeup product outside your line? 


Thanks you so much for coming to BT!!!!



Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona


Wow! I love your enthusiasm. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I will try my best to answer as much as I can!


I like to use stiff and round brushes because they help to give full coverage of the shadows and it’s easy to blend with them. These types of brushes work for mattes and shimmers in the same way. After applying with a brush, I like to intensify the appearance of the shadows by applying them with my finger. I have a more in depth video you can watch to see how I apply my shadows and which brushes I use.




I have many ideas when it comes to launching new products. I can’t continue to create endless core products, so I have to make heart-aching decisions and choose the products that might be more seasonable- and the Sunset Palette was one of them (and the first!) After I see how much people fell in love with the palette and are begging me to leave it permanent I will take this into consideration.  


Sometimes it is very hard to stay cool when it comes to social media because I am a very sensitive person but you cannot have all this exposure without some push back. I always try to focus on the positive.

In this video Natasha Denona walks you through the endless possibilities with her internet breaking 28 pan eyeshadow palette in "Green-Brown"

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

@NatashaDenona  thanks for your response!


I'm going to binging your youtubes videos for the next little while.


I'm waiting for you to post the matte yellow look, cause I'm dying to try that one cause the model and I have the same eyes and it is just perfection to me


thanks for responding to the LE issue as a brand. that actually makes a lot of sense Smiley Happy 


thanks again for being here!

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hi Natasha!


Thank you so much for chatting with us on BT today! I am a huge fan (especially of your duo chromes) and so excited for you to answer some of our questions. I am also really happy that Sephora started carrying your brand. It is much easier now to access it here in Canada. Hopefully you can answer the following questions I have.


Do you plan on releasing more duo chrome shadows?


Do you also plan on releasing cooler toned palettes in the near future?


Will you sell your eye shadow singles on and .ca?


Lastly I love almost every nude lip you do and post about. What products do you normally use? It’s not always written and I need to have these. I’ve always been a fan of bold eye looks and a nude lip!


Thank you for being here today! Heart


Ps: I would really really love to see an ocean/mermaid inspired palette. Blues/greens/aqua/turquoise. That would be a dream! Heart

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

yassss i second an ocean/mermaid palette similar to the sunset palette @veronika23


and yes more duo chromes Natasha!

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Who wants this?! 


" see an ocean/mermaid inspired palette. Blues/greens/aqua/turquoise."


 I DO!  I DO! Heart

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Thank you so much! You are so sweet xo

Regarding duochromes….YES 😊

Cooler tones…. YES 😊

Singles on Sephora, maybe in the future but not at this time.

All the nude lip shades are mine! The one I used most often is the ND Lip Glaze in shade 16,17, 18, and 21. As for Lip Color I use 04T, 13, 16, 21, 46, 48, and 52. Keep your eyes open, I’m going to post lip shades I’ve used on all Sunset Palette makeup looks!

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Thank you so much @NatashaDenona!  I can't wait to see what's coming out next!  I always try and stay on top of your news Smiley Happy

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hi Natasha, 


I would like to know what is the thought process that goes into your palettes and what will future releases look like? Can we expect an all matte palette? 


For someone who is new to your brand and finds the prices high compared to some of the well known luxury brands out there (Chanel, Tom Ford etc) what would you tell them about your brand that would help explain the costs?


What do you recommend a newbie start with - what are some of your favorites or star products from the line?



Thank you for joining us!



Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

All my palettes are born out of looks I envision. You can see this clearly in the sunset palette looks. The palette is the baby of my looks! I always think about looks and concepts and then create the product.

Everyone asks me about creating a Matte Palette.  I am seriously considering it. Let’s see what 2018 will bring us 😊

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hi Natasha! Lovely to meet you! I was wondering if you would ever do a version of the 28 or 15 pan palettes in a mini version? I would never go through all the shadow in the larger pans and the price of the 5 pans adds up quick. I’d love to see reduced pan sizes with lots of color options at a price point that is more in my budget! Thanks in advance for a reply!

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

We are definitely working on mini versions of some of my products. Let me surprise you 😊

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

@NatashaDenona Yes! Yes! Yes! I can't wait! Also please give @Veronika3 a mermaid palette, haha! I agree she's your absolute biggest fan and such a doll in the community! Smiley Happy 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hello Natasha,


Love your products!  You have such an interesting, diverse, and well-travelled background.  How do you find this has influenced your namesake beauty line? Is your daughter involved with your creation/implementation process?


Also, might you share any hints regarding a holiday 2017 release?


Thank you!

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Thank you so much! Actually my dream is that my daughter will hopefully work with me soon, but like every young person, she has to learn a lot before she can get involved in creating and developing products. She is a very talented artist and I really see a great future of her. She already has so many ideas and I listen to her and I like what I hear.

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hi Natasha, welcome to BT! Congrat on your successes and kudos for being in touch with your fans. If you have to pick one of your products that you think it is stand out from other luxury makeup lines in the market, what would it be? 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

I would say that my eye shadows definitely stand out. 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hi Natasha, welcome to BT!  I have a technique question because I love your work. How would you recommend applying your duo chrome, metallic, and chroma crystal finishes on textured/crepey lids?

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

I like to use my eyeshadow base because it gives a kind of a moist layer and still sets the eyeshadows because its a primer. Then I apply my eyeshadows onto the base with a stiff round brush or with my finger and blend. Hope this helps! Smiley Happy 


Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hi Natasha!  Thank you so much for joining us!  I'm also a huge fan and you've already received so many great questions.  I would love to know if you have any tips on the best way to apply your shadow (especially the glitter shades) to maximize impact and longevity?  

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hey! Please see my answer to @Annaihk. Another tip is not to use dry eyeshadow primers since its harder to have eyeshadows adhere to the base. 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hello hello Natasha! I was wondering, is there a color you've found most difficult to make to your standards? Thank you!

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Great question! The yellow shade sol in the sunset palette was the hardest to achieve full coverage but we did it! Yellow is a tough pigment to work with in eyeshadows in a pressed powder formula. 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Thank you so much for your response! I have yet to find a good yellow myself, but I'm waiting for my Sunset Palette to arrive tomorrow and I can't wait to try what you've come up with! <3

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