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Live Chat with Kat Von D!



Message from Kat:

"OH MAN!  TIME IS UP!  Why does this always feel like i only had 5 seconds to spend weith you all!  


Time flies when youre chatting away with all you rad people!  THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE TIME FOR ME - and hope i answered your Q's!!  


With Love and Till We Meet Again,





Visit this thread on January 22 between 12-1pm PST to participate in our live Q&A with tattoo artist and makeup guru Kat Von D. Get the scoop on her newest launch, Everlasting Face Shaper Blush, and ask her your pressing beauty questions, from how to get her signature "Kat" eye to how to get a romantic look for Valentine's Day!

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Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

huge fan of your make up!  I just bought the new face shaper blush and face shaper bronzer! do you ever use them together?! and what would you say is your favorite colour in the blush?

thanks for making me feel amazing in your product! x

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hi ladies! Please note that this live chat will not be open until 12 pm PST TODAY. If you'd like your question answered, please come back and ask it then, as Kat may not have time to answer questions during the chat and also asked before the chat.



Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hi kat im a huge fan!, im only young but would like to know things about tattoos and make up, firstly, when im older i want to get a tattoo so where is the least painful place and also, im into the gothic look so what products would you recommend??? Thank you ! Congrats with deadmau5 and i hope you too are very happy together

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

How do you get even winged eyes, I never can. Then it looks either too thick or one side is higher. Also LOVE your color lipstick Adora it's the perfect red =) and the only red that looks good on me. 

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

i was actually thinking about filming a tutorial for this!!!  so ill keep you posted!

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hello, I would like to know what products do you use and suggest for  your body in terms of scrubs/washes and lotions. Thank you ~*~*~ 


Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

I know it's a journey for every girl to find her signature look. What influenced you to find yours?

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

i dont know that ive found mine really...   just kinda do what i feel (if that makes sense).  i always found it far more important to discover your true beauty - without makeup - first and foremost.  my signature look is what i look like when i wake up. Smiley Happy

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

What is one of your most favourite products from your makeup line?

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Do you think that wearing make up everyday may damage the skin?Especially among teenagers?I really like make up,but I'm afraid of damaging even more my already damaged skin...I mean I have a lot ot acne problems and thanks to the make up I cover them...I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice!Btw love you so much,you're my rolemodel for art and appearance!I'd love to be tattood by you after some years,I already have an idea of a portrait! Smiley Happy Love you and greetings from Bulgaria!

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