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Live Chat with Kat Von D!



Message from Kat:

"OH MAN!  TIME IS UP!  Why does this always feel like i only had 5 seconds to spend weith you all!  


Time flies when youre chatting away with all you rad people!  THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE TIME FOR ME - and hope i answered your Q's!!  


With Love and Till We Meet Again,





Visit this thread on January 22 between 12-1pm PST to participate in our live Q&A with tattoo artist and makeup guru Kat Von D. Get the scoop on her newest launch, Everlasting Face Shaper Blush, and ask her your pressing beauty questions, from how to get her signature "Kat" eye to how to get a romantic look for Valentine's Day!

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Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

When filming your show, look at Alaska as a location as we are increasing our Film Tax Credit from 44% UP to 54% Back on qualifying productions! PPLUS we love tattoos up here! 


Piksik, LLC is the ONLY high-end Production Services in Alaska!

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

When can we expect to have some more foundation? Please don't discontinue it!


Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

whats you favorite fragance


Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!


Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

I just bought your Sinner purfume Smiley Happy Do you prefer Sinner or Saint, or does it just depend on the day? 

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hey Kat! I'm a big fan of tattoos and make up, so as I'm a big fan of yours. Im a tattoo artist too so, I would like to know which make up style do you choose at the time of tattooing.

I'm from Argentina I hope you would travel sometime to one of your descendant countries (:

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

I have lots of freckles- they look more like blotches though, and I have never found a good foundation; it either looks caked on or simply doesn't cover. So- I'm thinking I need to play up my dark marks or distract the eye all together.... any tips?

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

When do you plan to export your Sephora range to Europe, it is really not easy for us, as Sephora USA is not selling to European, and on ebay, cosmetics are blocked for many items. What could be the reason you don't want to open the selling to Europe? Do you fear that you have to product too many?

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Maybe you should make pallet named after meowingtons too. Smiley Tongue Thats what I wore for my second marriage. Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hi Kat!!! 

I'm such a huge fan of yours (and I would love to have my first tattoo done by you of course!!)

My question is: Are you going to come out with more everlasting love liquid lipsticks?? I love them so much and the only downside is that there aren't enough colors! (I have three of them; you'd think that would be enough, but no!)


Also, I know you love the piano! Have you listened to James Rhodes? He's an amazing pianist, and his version of "In The Hall of Mountain King" is amazing!!


PS-  I got my username from The Cure <3

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hi Kat! I Like so much your tattoos, but i love your work, i buy ur make up, th's so good, and what of ur fragrances recommend me? 

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hi Kat Im a huge fan. You are an inovator in the fashion and make up world. Was it difficult to follow your own individuality?

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

hello im mariajoline,i have problems with acne and black scars from do i hide it when i put make up,i see women a lot doing it and i dont know how they do it...thx

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

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