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Live Chat with Kat Von D!



Message from Kat:

"OH MAN!  TIME IS UP!  Why does this always feel like i only had 5 seconds to spend weith you all!  


Time flies when youre chatting away with all you rad people!  THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE TIME FOR ME - and hope i answered your Q's!!  


With Love and Till We Meet Again,





Visit this thread on January 22 between 12-1pm PST to participate in our live Q&A with tattoo artist and makeup guru Kat Von D. Get the scoop on her newest launch, Everlasting Face Shaper Blush, and ask her your pressing beauty questions, from how to get her signature "Kat" eye to how to get a romantic look for Valentine's Day!

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Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

oh man!  orange lipstick!  i always say is the most underrated color!  try out the Everlasting Love Lipstick collection... i swear to the stars.. that sh*t does NOT budge!


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Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Im an apprentice right now in a tattoo shop in New Iberia, Louisiana. Im watching Miami Ink right now and I noticed that you were kinda big. Im having the same problem. I know that you havent had kids but I have one daughter named Nova. Basically what I'm asking is what you did to lose the weight so fast. You are absolutely gorgeous and my idol. Hope to see you at some upcoming conventions.

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Awhh the "Miami years"... yes i definitely was a bit bigger back then...   I was struggling with depression and alcohol at the time.  People sometimes ask me what it was i did.  And there really is no secret.  I honestly stopped drinking, and gained a whole other world.    Never thought id be one of those annoying "healthy" people, but man, once i droppe d the drinking, and the unhealthy food choices, i barely had to even exrecise.  Smiley Happy  hope that helps... and send Nova a kiss from me!

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hey Kat! Last year, I was on vacation in Orlando, and bought a lot of your makeup, and I've been wearing it ever since, but it's soon empty. The only problem is; I live in Norway, and we don't have Sephora here, and Sephora doesn't ship makeup to Norway! I seriously can't live without your makeup. After I started wearing it, I gained so much confidence, and I started to do my makeup the way I've always wanted it to be. Thank you for everything you've given me through your makeup and art. You're beautiful. Lots of love from a Norwegian hopeless romantic, Ingeborg Helene. xx

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Such a sweet note!  thank you for all the nice compliments!  Yes, i know... it totally sucks that the line isnt available internationally as much as i wish it was... but i promise im trying my best to change that.   

but n the meantime, i think its more important to be able to recognize your confidence and see that its not derived from any makeup or any forces outside of your own.  Thats where the true confidence lays...  xoxoxo

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hi Kat! I love your eyebrows and your arches. I like one of my eyebrows better than the other. They're a little thinner than I'd want them to be from getting them waxed a little too thin in high school but I want them to grow big and volumptuous so that I can too get those awesome arches. Do you suggest any products to help me grow my eyebrows or will I just need to color them in since they don't really grow much anymore?

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Im probably not the best person to ask about eyebrow serums and such because ive never used any myself, but i can tell you im super addicted to that new Smashbox eye brow pencil thinga-majig  - with its retractable self sharpening mechanism, and slanted edge... its made eyebrows a piece of cake for me.  I usually blend "Taupe" and "Brunette" for that grdient brow!


Smashbox Brow Tech:




Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

What song has inspired todays look? Xo

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

to be quite honest, im not wearing any makeup at the moment!   ill probably put my face on after Beauty Chat Smiley Happy 

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hey kat, what's your go-to lipstick, if you want a little bit more dramatic look ? Smiley Happy