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Live Chat with Kat Von D!



Message from Kat:

"OH MAN!  TIME IS UP!  Why does this always feel like i only had 5 seconds to spend weith you all!  


Time flies when youre chatting away with all you rad people!  THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE TIME FOR ME - and hope i answered your Q's!!  


With Love and Till We Meet Again,





Visit this thread on January 22 between 12-1pm PST to participate in our live Q&A with tattoo artist and makeup guru Kat Von D. Get the scoop on her newest launch, Everlasting Face Shaper Blush, and ask her your pressing beauty questions, from how to get her signature "Kat" eye to how to get a romantic look for Valentine's Day!

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Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!



You are the most creative person on Earth and you express it through your art, makeup, poems, books.... I love how you promote the tattoo world very well and let people find beauty in that. Nobody do it like you Xo <3




Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hi Kat, first of all, I Just want to say how much I love your makeup line! My quick question to you is, what would you suggest for a nice full Mascara and would you consider releasing a mascara line? Or Eyelash line? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions!!!

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hola Kat! Soy una gran fanática tuya, de tus tattoos y de tu maquillaje.

He tratado de maquillarme como tu, pero tengo algunos problemas con mis cejas, no sé si es por la forma que tienen (me da un poco de miedo depilarlas) Tienes algún consejo que pueda usar? . También quería saber cómo hacer para que mi lápiz labial dure todo el día 

Saludos desde Colombia  y mucha suerte!! 

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hi Kat! I'm a big fan of your makeup line! I love your eyeliners and eyeshadow palettes. My favorites are your Saint palette and your autograph pencil.
I have a few questions to ask! First, what trends will we be seeing for this upcoming sesason? Which one are you looking forward to the most? Also, how can someone incorporate these trends into their everyday makeup routine?
Thanks so much!

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Hi Kat! How do you keep your good looks? Do you exercise? Do you also have like a nutricionist, what's your diet? Thanks! Love you, you're an amazing artist! Greetings from Toronto!

ps. In your honor, I chose a Beethoven's piece for my piano exam!

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Are you having a book tour in the spring?

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Super stoked for the new book AND album to drop! Any idea when the album will be released? (no rush Smiley Wink) Also, what product do you use to darken and shape your eyebrows? 

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

How do you go about putting makeup on around the tattoo stars?

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

what's ur fave perfume next to urs?

Re: Live Chat with Kat Von D!

Can you follow me on twitter or just mention once because you are amazing and someone I look up to and love so much. It's @JUSTIN_My_Zone by the way and I just think you are amazing in general Kat Smiley Very Happy