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Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

This chat is now closed. Thank you for your participation!


Score expert beauty advice from cosmetics icon Bobbi Brown! Visit this thread on November 14 between 10-11am PST to participate in our live Q&A with the brand founder herself. Learn her top tips for pulling off a natural look, how to amp up your makeup for the holidays, and ask her a beauty question of your own.


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Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

Hi Bobbi! What are the benefits of a corrector versus a concealer?

Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

A Corrector is a pink or peach based concealer that neutralizes the darkness under your eye and brightens. Concealer is one or two shades lighter than your foundation and should be layered on top of your corrector. That's my Secret of the Universe.Corrector is the step after eye cream and before concealer.  

Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

Hi Bobbi!


I've got a tan complexion (I'm Mexican). I had an allergic rash on my face that left dark spots, around my mouth mostly. When covering this up, what would you suggest? I have trouble finding the correct color for my skin a lot of the time too...

Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

Hey Bobbi,


I was just wondering what I can do to treat and prevent the fine lines forming underneath my eye and on top of my cheek bones?


Also, what color of lipstick for an every day look would you recommend to someone with fair to light skin with a yellowish undertone?


Thank you!



Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!


Hi Bobbi,


What are your favorite products and any tips on how best to use them?

Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

Thank you for being here Bobby Brown. As a make-up Artist what items would you recomend "a must have" in my kit?


Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

What is the best way to go about entering into the cosmetics industry in terms of becoming a brand educator or regional sales executive?

Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

Hi Bobbi I just purchased two of your books Bobbi Brown pretty powerful and Bobbi Brown makeup Manual love what I've read so far I'm just starting to build my kit just getting started professionally

Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

Hi Babbi,


I love your product-always has brown factor in it.   I have challenge on correcting green, and bluish purple (blood vine).   Any suggestions?



Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

Hey everyone, the hour is up. I had such a great time chatting with all of you. Make sure to visit and visit the artists in store to check out everything we talked about.


Plus, don't forget to visit me on the blog at!



Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

hi bobbi i have alot of redness in my face and also the mask of pregnancy  any suggestions of what to use? and any basic 3 beauty products to use for busy new moms to look "pulled together?"  thanks!!

Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!


I have used mac fondations for over 8 years and just recently have had some issues with breakouts. I need a foundation that will be a natural looking coverage and not ruin my skin. Any help is appreciated. 


Re: Live Chat with Bobbi Brown!

Okay so I have several questions I am 38 and my skin is changing I wish so bad that I could have you do a makeover on me I have gotten to the point were I keep it as simple as possible. Lets start at the base I have hyperpigmentation and a breakout hear and there and my pores are starting to get bigger. First foundation should I use liquid and if so I like a powder as a finish (not sure if it is because of habit or what) second bronzer always brings out that beautiful hyperpigmentation and I do have red in my skin. Honestly I have gone to the high end stores in St. Louis that sell your product and no one ever gets it and NO one understands hyperpigmentation, so I have thought of uploading a picture to get better help but I hate my skin.