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Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!


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Banish blemishes with expert skincare advice. Just visit this thread on March 25 between 12-2pm PST and participate in our live Q&A with Janet Pardo, Senior Vice President of Global Product Development for Clinique, and Dr. Howard Murad. Ask them an acne question of your own and learn how to get your clearest skin ever.


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Re: Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!

Hello! I know the chat times are different for each brand, but I have the same questions for both!


Both Murad and Clinique have been long time staples and names in the skin care world, with Murad forming in 1989 and Clinique launching their skin care in 1968, how does each brand along with the minds behind the name see evolving and taking Murad and Clinique to newer places as the skin care world grows and new developments are made? What are the core values do you strive to keep intact to ensure the brand itself remains true to its roots but also keep to being relative in the market in this day?

Re: Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!

I founded Murad to actually help people. Based on the thousands of patients I've seen and their actual needs, understanding not only the superficial, but also emotional and spiritual needs, helped shape the company's philosophy which is based on a concept that I call Inclusive Health. We're giving people effective products to put on their skin, but we're also treating people as a whole, evaluating their emotional well-being and internal health as well.

Re: Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!

That's wonderful! Skin care is such an all-encompassing realm, and delivering solutions that boost a sense of well-being is so crucial. Thank you so much, Dr. Murad!

Re: Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!

Welcome to the world of Murad! I'm excited to be here and can't wait to see your questions!

Re: Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!

Hi I have combination acne prone skin but I usually will only get a few hormonal pimples here and there,  nothing to go crazy about. In January I got the clarisonic spin brush and about a week after using it my skin broke out like NEVER before,  I have never had such horrible skin! The zits are all over but mostly on my chin and upper lip. There are white heads, painful red zits, and under the skin bumps. I am at a total loss and I'm feeling really depressed about this.. should I continue to use the brush?  My skin is drying and peely due to acne treatments but I'm worried about over moisturizing.. HELP

Re: Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!

Hi Hannah,


You might have something called Perioral dermatitis and should probably see your dermatologist. I would recommend using gentle treatments for your acne, like Murad's new Acne Clearing Solution, and reducing any harsh cleansers you may be using. I also recommend reducing your stress, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, the more colorful the better!

Re: Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!

Hi Dr. Murad! If I feel a blemish coming on but can't actually see it yet, is there anything I can do to prevent it from getting worse or surfacing at its first signs?


Thank you! Heather

Re: Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!

Hi Heather,


Absolutely. That's the best time to actually address the problem with a topical treatment. I recommend using Murad's new Acne Spot Fast Fix. Just a tiny bit, less than the end of a toothpick, may prevent it from surfacing.

Re: Live Acne Q&A with Clinique and Murad!

There’s a myth that only teenagers get acne. In fact, 27.5 million adults in the US used acne treatments in the last year. Hormone swings and stress can lead to acne at any age.

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