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Lipsticks for Redheads

Ok ladies and gents, I'm a natural redhead. I have always kind of feared lipsticks. I look very overdone in them. HOWEVER, I LOVE them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lipstick. I just can't seem to love one on me yet. My favorite so far has been Maybelline color whisper in Orange Attitude. I have a Brick Red from Elizabeth Arden that is.... MEH... I have a Laura Mercier-- which I can't recall the name cause I lost it... but it was ok. Kind of like a Mauve color.


I would like to invest into a cruelty free lipstick.


I'm thinking NARS.


You think I could get away with Heat Wave? I'm fair, natural gingery red, minimal freckles with a neutral undertone that may lean a little warm/ ye



What do you think?


Ps. I'm wearing Orange Attitude in that pic, however it looks a little pink/peach in that photo.

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

Hi AMWord,


I think you pull off the orange really well!  I dont think you'd have any problem rockin the NARS Heatwave Smiley Happy  I love that it is a semi-matte, which will still give you dimension with your lips & it will look radiant with your hair Smiley Wink  If anything, visit your local Sephora & play around with some colors to see which ones you like best.


xo, Mia

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

The last part of Mia's advice is my favorite part of Sephora.


Lipstick is tricky, especially if you're a super pale person like me with insanely pigmented lips.  I have to fully investigate every lip purchase.


And redheads can wear anything they darn well please!

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

Do you think Nars Dolce Vita may be better for fall?


Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

I think Dolce Vita,Russian Doll, and Niagara would all be great picks for you.

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

i decided to go with Dolce Vita before I plunge for Heat Wave. Thanks! :-)

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

I think you'll like that better especially with Fall. And your welcome!Smiley Wink

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

Have you tried Just for redheads lip sticks. I have gotten several of their samplers as free gifts and most of the colors in them work for me (probably because they are specifically designed for us).


I get the whole thing with looking overdone. I'm also a redhead. I have copper hair with streaks of natural blonde and really white skin. My hair's so bright and my skin so pale that lipstick just stands out (and not always in a good way). 


I find myself running and grabbing lots of brown colors for this reason. I do sometimes wear corals and darker pinks. Lots of people say lighter colors like pale pink look great on redheads but I just look washed out. It seems to be all about finding a balance of not overly bright or pale. 

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

I'm a red-head with coloring similar to yours.  Some of my favorite lipsticks are Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Chai and Honey and Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss in Eternity.  I also love Make Up Forever's Aqua Rouge in #4 Chestnut for the wintertime.  I have a few other favorites but they are discontinued shades.  For something to throw on my lips on lazy makeup days, I love Laura Mercier Hydra Tint SPF 15 in Bronze Tint.  I tend to wear medium intensity shades with little or no pink.  I also try to stay away from the dark brown shades, but I do love an intense rust or terracotta red for going out on the town.  I haven't found a good red yet.Smashbox - Be Legendary LipstickSmashbox - Be Legendary LipstickSmashbox - Limitless Long Wear Lip GlossMAKE UP FOR EVER - Aqua Rouge

Laura Mercier - HydraTint SPF 15





Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

I like your choices 

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

Thanks!  They all look pretty similar on the computer but are actually quite different in reality.  I think their intensity is probably similar.  My lips are fairly colorless and I need some color to counter-balance the intensity of my hair.  It is about finding the right balance...not too bright or pale.  I look for colors that blend with my overall color for a more natural look.


I have been tempted to try JFR lipsticks.  I would like to order one of their samplers.

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

My lips are really pink already. I do hate in the winter time when they get wind burnt. It looks like I have had injections in my lips and constantly have red lip stuff on. 


They offer the samplers free sometimes with a purchase. I've gotten several free ones! They last a long time. They changed the packaging though I think. The ones I have all have a vitamin E lip moisturizer, but the new ones have lip brushes. Which is probably more convenient.


I buy their mascara, it's natural looking and the effect is pretty amazing and natural. My favorite is the Voyage. I want to try their brow stuff  because it's such a pain to get the right color. 


If you sign up for their news letter they give you codes and stuff. I order when they have free shipping ones. 

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

I ordered their brow powder once and it wasn't the right shade.  I then found Anastasia's Brow Powder in Strawburn which I love, but it has already been reformulated to a different shade.  I may have to try JFR again when I run out.  I've been tempted to try their mascaras.  I wear a Sephora mascara in brown and it works for me.  I'll check out their newsletters.  Thanks!

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

Great Choices!

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

I have red hair too. I love the VIB ROUGE red that is exclusive for vibs. 28$

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

You are lovely, by the way! Such a sweet smile!  I can say that because I'm old enough to be your mother.

Re: Lipsticks for Redheads

I have to get around to trying JFR! Anastasia Strawburn is my holy grail of brow fillers. I'm gonna have to get to Sephora soon! It's just an hour drive w/o traffic!! Smiley Sad

Could be worse I guess.

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