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Lipstick Problems... I need help.

Every time I want to wear a lipstick, it always settles into my lip lines. This happens with every color I try but more of light pinks and nudes. Can someone tell me a way I can stop this from happening? Its really frustrating and I just think that when the lipstick settles into my lip lines it looks horrible.


Also I have a very small bottom lip. Is there a way I can make it look bigger/ plumper so lipstick can look better on me?

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

Hi ashleenicoleex3,

I suggest trying a lip primer.  This creates a smooth surface to apply your lip color to, and helps your liner/ lipstick to last longer. You can also use it to help you extend the line of your lower lip to make it look larger.  I recommend:


BECCA Lip Priming Perfector


Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer


Guerlain Kiss Kiss Liplift


Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

I have this problem to and lip primers don't seem to help. 


I find if I scrub my lip with a wash cloth prior to applying it doesnt settle as bad as it does if I just straight apply it. 


I love lipstick but I don't want everyone to see all my cracks and dryness Smiley Sad

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

Regarding lipstick setting into lines - I have this problem too, and lip primer does make it better though I can't say that it completely solves the problem. My favorite lip primer is the one by MAC, but you are supposed to apply it and wait 40 seconds in order for it to set and then you can apply lipstick on top.


Also I find when I use less creamy lipstick, I seem not to have this problem. For instance, I was never able to use YSL lipstick because it is way too creamy, but NARS crayons work great, probably because they are a lot harder if that makes sense.


This might sound obvious, but applying less lipstick helps too. You can blot with a tissue after you've applied your lipstick and then you can pat lips with your finger - this will sheer out the lipstick. Of course, with this method you won't achieve opaque color, but at least you won't have to worry about lipstick settling into lines.


Also you could try lip stains - even when the gloss will be gone, you will be left with quite natural looking stain.


If you have dry lips - exfoliating might help too, but I find that in my case lips are not really dry, that is just the way their texture is.


Regarding making your bottom lip look bigger - Lisa Eldridge has a great video tutorial where she explains in details what you could do to make it look better:


Hope this helps!

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

Awesome!!! Thanks Marika123, this was a wonderful and helpful suggestion. Smiley Happy

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

Agreed! Super helpful!

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

  1. I love bite..i use it all over my lips after I use the sugar to get rid of ickiness.then I ilne w/ make u forever white pencil,it comes out clear..then I use any color I lines!the clear make up forever(other companies make one too) fills in the lines and it works out perfect for me.i can even wear red now and I am n my 50's!!

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

Smile really big with mouth slightly open, it will let the lipstick glide over your lips, fill in lines and  you wont have to mush your lips together to get an even coverage. Try it

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

Good advice. the only thing I have to add is:


lip exfoliation + Bite agave lip mask = Happy, smooth lips


i have even used Bite agave lip mask as a primer in the winter months. Heaven on the lips!


there are good lip scrubs out there, but you can just use a washcloth (as suggested below) or sugar.

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

Most lighter shades (light pinks and nude) will settle into our fine lines. Try a nude rosy color and see if it still happens.

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

I had this issue too... Lipstick and glosses would look good for maybe like 20 mins then just be a goopy mess.  i've been using the MAC lip conditioner at night and it has made my lips so smooth and lipstick/glosses stay looking beautiful. I have heard the bite lip mask is awesome as well, but haven't tried it.


Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

I think this issue happens to pretty much everyone, especially with light color lipsticks.

-One thing I have found that helps a lot is using a lip balm underneath the lipstick or to make sure lips are well moisturized ahead of time! My favorite so far is Bite Beauty Agave lip mask.

-Also you could exfoliate your lips either by buying an exfoliator (ex: Fresh lip scrub) or making one yourself or just using your toothbrush gently on your lips (plus this will make your lips look fuller!)

- Lastly you might want to consider using a clear lip liner to fill in your lips, which will minimize the appearance of the lip lines (but again make sure your lips are moisturized ahead of time)



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