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Lipstick Problems... I need help.

Every time I want to wear a lipstick, it always settles into my lip lines. This happens with every color I try but more of light pinks and nudes. Can someone tell me a way I can stop this from happening? Its really frustrating and I just think that when the lipstick settles into my lip lines it looks horrible.


Also I have a very small bottom lip. Is there a way I can make it look bigger/ plumper so lipstick can look better on me?

Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

I had this issue too... Lipstick and glosses would look good for maybe like 20 mins then just be a goopy mess.  i've been using the MAC lip conditioner at night and it has made my lips so smooth and lipstick/glosses stay looking beautiful. I have heard the bite lip mask is awesome as well, but haven't tried it.


Re: Lipstick Problems... I need help.

I think this issue happens to pretty much everyone, especially with light color lipsticks.

-One thing I have found that helps a lot is using a lip balm underneath the lipstick or to make sure lips are well moisturized ahead of time! My favorite so far is Bite Beauty Agave lip mask.

-Also you could exfoliate your lips either by buying an exfoliator (ex: Fresh lip scrub) or making one yourself or just using your toothbrush gently on your lips (plus this will make your lips look fuller!)

- Lastly you might want to consider using a clear lip liner to fill in your lips, which will minimize the appearance of the lip lines (but again make sure your lips are moisturized ahead of time)



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