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Ladies! Hi, i need help with foundation :)

Well i haven't been on BT in forever, </3 so sad. anyway, between working, going to school and working out i am SO incredibly busy, but living in miami i've realized my foundation may not be the most hot climate appropriate? i don't sweat it off, but it does fade quickly 



i currently use MUFE HD in the shadde 117, i have normal/dry skin and i need the medium coverage, but by the end of the day my makeup on my face is so faded.


i've heard mixed things about Bareminerals liquid serum foundation and i'm kind of dying to try it. i need to know a couple things....



do any of you who have tried it actually like it? 

is there anything you DON'T like about it?

is it good for warmer climates?

is it good for dry/oily/normal/combo skin? 

and how is the coverage? 



thank you all so much for your help if you can <3 

Re: Ladies! Hi, i need help with foundation :)

I saw quite a few reviews on this that said it doesn't last long and that it gets really greasy fast, even on those with dry skin. The coverage also is light, possibly buildable to medium with multiple layers. Probably not what I'd recommend to someone looking for medium coverage and living in a hot environment. 

Re: Ladies! Hi, i need help with foundation :)

Hi annonymous1,

I have the Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation, and my opinion is that it looks flawless when you first put it on. I use a primer & setting powder, as well as the Bareskin Perfecting Face Brush. However, as the day progresses, my face starts to feel oily, and I see the makeup separating on my skin & clumping up in dry patches (I'm combo to dry). It requires me to have to blot my face more often, and I see the makeup transferring off on my blotting papers. For this reason, I don't think that this foundation would stand up well to heat or humidity, and is probably not ideal for oily skin types. But, that said, everyone's skin & beauty needs are different, and a lot of people are loving this foundation. So, I suggest getting a sample in the store to try it out yourself!

Smiley Happy -Laura


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