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Kat Von D Foundation

Hi everyone!


After waiting a long time to get my right color in the Lock-it foundation, I'm having a little trouble with applying it. I feel like it is a little too thick and I was wondering if anyone has advice to apply it. I tried mixing it with my UD naked skin foundation and it works better, but the color is a little off when I do that. I have heard of mixing it with BB creams, but I don't own one and don't really know much about them! I really want to love this foundation but it tends to settle in my smile lines/forehead. I'm 22 years old, so I don't have wrinkles. I use BareMinerals Prime Time and I also set it with MAC's fix+ or UD all nighter. I use a buffing brush and have tried it with a beauty blender and didn't like the way it looked.  Any advice/similar foundations would be greatly appreciated!!! 

Re: Kat Von D Foundation

It settled into my pores until I switched primers. Once I started using Hourglass's Mineral Veil primer, it went on a lot smoother. I also use a really good buffing brush. Urban Decay makes a good one, but my personal favorite is the Sigma F80 brush. And you really only need a TINY bit. I use about a half a pump and it covers my whole face.


I haven't personally tried this, but maybe try adding a drop of argan oil to the foundation and mix it in. It shouldn't change the color, but it should make it less thick.

Re: Kat Von D Foundation

Thanks for the advice! I actually use the Sigma F80, I just got it the other day and love it! I use one full pump, but I'll try half a pump!!

Re: Kat Von D Foundation

One thing that might help it blend better is doing one section of your face at a time instead of putting it all over your face and blending it all at once. What I do is I pump out a tiny bit on the back of my hand, dip the tip of the brush to get a tiny bit, then divide my face in quadrants and blend one at a time: right cheek, left cheek, forehead, chin.

Re: Kat Von D Foundation



I absolutely LOVE my KVD Foundation... now that I've figured out the perfect method Smiley Happy  I use half a pump to the back of my hand & apply a bit to my cheeks, forehead & nose.  I then use my Beauty Blender and bounce it in the areas that I want the most coverage & blend it outward Smiley Happy  Sooo simple!  The Beauty Blender really defuses the coverage, so its not as heavy Smiley Wink  Hope that helps!!


xo, Mia

Re: Kat Von D Foundation

Definitely use the smallest amount you have to remember the coverage it gives honestly there is no need to mix it with anything else.Also I agree on blending one area at a time that will also help.


Re: Kat Von D Foundation

For me, the best way in applying that foundation is fingers. I tried a buffing brush, I tried a blending sponge and (clean!!!) fingers work the best. I use very very little. Its very thick and creamy and super pigmented so I just dab a little around my face and blend. I set it with powder and it looks flawless all day.

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