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Kat Von D Concealers

Hey is there a chart for what kat von d concealer you should use based on your kat von d  foundation shade?

Re: Kat Von D Concealers

What is your foundation shade? Your concealer should always be one shade lighter.Smiley Happy

Re: Kat Von D Concealers

That can be a bit on the tricky side as concealers can be used for various purposes, not just to cover up.


Beautylovingirl's tip is great for use of covering under eye circles or just the under eye area in general as the placement of the eyes in our faces are set back, creating more of an area to catch shadow or naturally is more shallow than the rest of our features. In order to not emphasize this and to bring the eyes to the forefront, using a lighter concealer to fool the eye is needed to draw the eyes more out and to the open.


Concealers with different undertones also serve for different purposes as well, those with yellow undertones can cancel out redness or purple well, while those with more of a peach or salmon can cancel out brown spots or darker tones of discoloration.


Concealers that are a few shades lighter can be used to highlight, while those darker can be used to contour.


So depending on what you need the concealer for or prefer to use it to do can be a bigger deciding factor.

Re: Kat Von D Concealers

Hi Aly730 Which shade are you using?  If you already have the KVD foundation, try using it as your concealer as well.  It actually has more coverage Smiley Happy I do that and it works wonderfully.  I use a tiny pump and apply it with the Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57.

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57


Re: Kat Von D Concealers

I don't think the brand has concealers dark enough for the darkest shades. Is the 36 concealer too light for 68, 70, 72 foundations?

Re: Kat Von D Concealers

It's a tough call, as concealers can be a tad lighter as they are used in concentrated areas and to prevent issues like oxidation from turning those areas darker, you can use a concealer that is a touch lighter.


The descriptions of the concealers match with the undertones of the foundations, so at least there is no issue in cross matching there. If you wanting an option for darker concealers try Amazing Cosmetics or MUFE's Full Coverage Concealer.

Re: Kat Von D Concealers

Thanks. I'm neutral to cool undertone. If they're going to be oxidation, then I'd get a neutral foundation and concealer, if not a pink based.  I have not purchased, but have samples. 68 is the right colour, but too yellow in undertone. 70 is the right undertone, but slightly too dark. I mix both together to get my shade. What concealer is appropiate?


Oh, I have hyper pigmentation that is purplish/black. I found that when I used mac it could sufficiently cover my under eye circles, but the hyper pigmentation on upper lip/corner of my mouth still showed through.  KVD is a lot more full coverage, but upper lip pigmentation is still showing a bit. Maybe I need a corrector?


I am a vegan so prefer vegan cosmetics, but for my foundation/discolouration issues I'm willing to go with a cruelty free foundation/concealer/corrector.

Re: Kat Von D Concealers

I would go with the Deep 34 concealer, as you can always warm it up or deepen it some by topping it off with a touch of the 70 foundation.


Bobbi Brown has a peach tinted corrector that can help with the purple/black toned spots of discoloration. MUFE has their Camoflauge Cream Palette in No. 4 with deeper tones and also orange tints to help correct this.



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