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Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

Good Day!


I need some help/advice on a new face wash. Currently stocked in my bathroom is Origins Checks and Balances face wash, but I am finding it a bit harsh on my dry weather confused skin. Some of the best sellers/top rated washers are the Josie Argan Cleansing Oil and the Fresh Soy face cleanser and I just need some input on what I should get to replace my origins for the rainy,cold yet sunny at times, and dry weather we are having.


I have really combo skin, really oily Tzone, but DRY flakey cheeks. I've never used any type of oil for my face except for a waterproof eye makeup remover, but I am extremely open to try it.


My only skin concerns I have is my combo issue, occasional breakout(guilty of not washing my foundation brush for almost a month. lesson learned. laziness=big pimples that scars) and blackheads.


I have tried Philosophy,Clinque, FAB, Bliss and Boscia, but they are just not for me.


Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

Hi weeeeweeeeeee! Both of those are great cleansers! Smiley Happy I would say, however, if you have really dry cheeks,  I would try the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing oil first and see how you like it. Smiley Happy Then maybe as we get into summer and it gets a little more humid and whatnot, switch over and try the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. Smiley Happy 


Hope this helps! 

Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser



These are the listed ingredients online for the JM Argan cleansing oil. Argan oil is listed first which leads you to believe that it is the main component.


-Organic Argan Oil: Repairs and replenishes skin cells.
-Grape Seed Oil: Aids in improving elasticity to the skin.
-Grapefruit Oil: Energizes and awakens the skin.

Argania Spinosa Kernal (Argan) Oil, Polysorbate-20, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Tocopherol.


HOWEVER...the ingredients on the box will show that is a BOLD FACED LIE. When you receive the product the box says different. Argan oil was NOT the first ingredient that you were lead to believe. 

Image credit:


WITH THAT SAID...JM cleansing oil is the best product I have ever used in my entire life. (I have 4, 126 points right now that vouch for my beauty addiction). If I had to use only one beauty product, this would be it!


I used to be that woman that refused to leave the house without full foundation--no compromises! Now I find myself wearing only a bit of JM coconut gelee blush because my skin is positively flowing. I credit that 100% to the JM cleansing oil. It's so kind to my skin: gentle ingredients that don't remove all the good oils and it removes makeup so easily so there's no tugging or scrubbing.



Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

I have both of these and prefer the Fresh. It's very gentle and I don't find it dries out my skin. However I don't have flakiness like you - just tightness. I'd recommend using the JM when it's drier out and the Fresh when it's more humid like kevin said. So think about how soon you're going to start using it. If you won't run out of your current product for another month or more and your climate will be getting more humid you might want to buy the Fresh first.

Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

Hi weeeeweeeeeee,


Why not try both of them? We have travel sizes available for both of these cleansers. I personally use both of the same time! The Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil is always my first step when removing my makeup. After rinsing the cleansing oil off, I will use the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser to remove any excess makeup, dirt or oil on my skin. Both of these cleansers are extremely gentle and they have never caused my skin to feel uncomfortably dry. 






Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

Hmmmm... that is interesting.. using both. I may just try that and pick both minis up tomorrow.

Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

Yes!  This is what I love - start with a dry face and remove makeup with the cleansing oil and rinse, then get everything clean with the Soy Face Cleanser (or Purity).  It preps my skin wonderfully for my nighttime skincare!

Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

I love the Argan Cleansing Oil! The Fresh cleanser is nice and gentle, but I like the Argan oil because it removes all makeup, including waterproof mascara. I think it's nice for winter or dry skin because it doesn't dry it out but it still cleans well. I also don't find that it makes my skin any oilier, so it might work well for you. Like Randee said you can order smaller sizes and a little goes a loooong way with both of them.

Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

My favorite skin care SA at Sephora told me that Fresh and FAB were owned by the same company. Last year I received samples of the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing and the Argan Oil. I never went back to FAB or PTR. Josie Maran skincare has been very good for me.

Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

I haven't tried the Fresh Soy cleaner because I tried the Fresh Seaberry Oil and it was so smelly I couldn't use it. But I use the Argan Cleansing Oil everyday!  It leaves my skin feeling so soft but it also takes care of my oily nose and chin.  My cheeks and forehead get flaky and scaly and this is the only cleanser I have been able to use this winter.  Plus it smells lovely, nice and fresh.  It also removes makeup (I still use my lush ultrabland for that purpose but I like that the cleansing oil is dual purpose).  I cannot rave enough about the JM cleanser, I got a couple small sizes in holiday kits and I've used it everyday for more than 3 months and I am just finishing the first tiny bottle.

Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

I am slightly nervous about combating oil with oil.


I picked up a small tube of Fresh Soy cleanser, it smells like.................... bad, artificial watermelon?

I couldn't find a small or bottle of JM's argan oil.

Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

Funny you mentioned these because I recently tried both. I wasn't impressed with either, but that is just my opinion. I stopped with the oil since I felt like I was getting more breakouts(could've simply been a purging period). The Soy cleanser was decent. Nothing too impressive; it's very gentle and gets the skin clean. I guess you could try both like another person mentioned. I have a feeling the Soy Cleanser would be better for your dry flakes since it's really gentle. Good luck!

Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

How about origins cleansing oil? I just got it because I wanted to try JM's but the origins seemed to be more bang for your buck so I went with that one. I really love it. I imagine JM will have similar results so if you wanted to stick with JM I'd recommend that over Fresh's. I may get JM's during chic week to go with my argan oil and foundation kit.


Re: Josie Argan Cleansing oil v. Fresh Soy face cleanser

I use both! In fact I just came online here after washing my face before bed (bad habit, I should turn my computer off earlier). Anyway I love both of these cleansers. I've only tried two other oil cleansers - the Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Gel and the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil so I'm not too familiar with oil cleansers, but I love the Josie Maran enough that I will be repurchasing. It smells great, looks great, the pump is easy to use and most importantly the product is effective and does not cause breakouts on my oily, acne prone skin. I like to use the oil as I follow along to OxfordJasmine's facial massage video on youtube. Her voice is so relaxing and puts me in a calmed state before bed Smiley Happy Afterwards I do a second cleanse with the Fresh Soy cleanser using my Clarisonic and every second night using a face cloth instead of the Clarisonic. The Fresh cleanser is very gentle, and easy to use as it has a lot of 'slip' to it. At first I really didn't like the smell but now somehow I love it and even look forward to washing my face with this! Using them together doesn't leave any trace of sunscreen or makeup on my skin. I've never used just one or the other to cleanse however, so I'm unsure of their efficacy in this manner. Even though I have oily, acne prone skin I've found that using gentle cleansers has cleared my face much more than any other acne specific cleanser has. I've tried many cleansers and the only one I find comparable to Fresh would be Blissoma's Free Herbal Gel cleanser but it's just not as good.

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