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Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?


I started sampling the Philosophy line bc I just turned 30, had my second child and out of nowhere I became dry in my t-zone and developes skin colored bumps all over my chin. And due to lack of sleep and round the clock nursing the baby my skin has dulled. So far the cleanser and original Hope in  A Jar has worked really well for me and I had several samples of the HIAJ Night, which I have to admit, all 3 has actually really made such a noticeable difference in my skin. With the Clinique 7 day scrub, it seems to be a od combo BUT I can't decide if  should spring for the night cream or if there is an alternative I should purchase instead...$48 is pricey. 


To recap, I want to address early signs of aging that I definitely have, dryness and lack of radiance. Serums break me out....feel free to suggest any other skincare lines to try and the products. Thanks!!

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

Read my personal review of it under my profile.  Additionally, I believe the skin-colored bumps you have are actually clogged pores that aren't infected or angry blemishes...yet.  I'd use salicylic acids in those areas once daily for awhile.  That will keep those pores cleaned out with squeezing them.

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

Hi rezraveillation,


Hope in a Jar is a great product! I would highly recommend getting a sample from your local Sephora first though if you are curious but don't want to commit to a full jar.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

Just realized my review isn't on my profile.  ???  Basically, it goes on thickly, then becomes more slippery and light as you smoothe it in.  I did feel a slight tightening feel as I wore it, and it did hydrate my skin well.  Unfortunately, something in it irritated me and made my skin itch.  So, I returned it.  Immediate stop of itching when I washed it off.  : (

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

I've been curious about this product myself.  Its chief active ingredient that helps resurface your skin is glycolic acid, which is a great exfoliator.  It should help with dry flakes on your skin, help you retain your glow, and might even do something about the skin colored bumps you mentioned over time.  The only thing is if you're not used to exfoliating your skin with chemical exfoliators, it might cause irritation at first until your skin adjusts to it.  I'd recommend phasing it in slowly over time.


For my first glycolic acid product ever (Peter Thomas Roth 10% Glycolic Moisturizer, which is stronger than the Philosophy), I started out using it only once a week, then twice a week, then every other night.  It works great on my acne breakouts and clogged pores.


I do think $48 is pricey but that seems about the norm for products you get at Sephora.  Olay makes a nice glycolic acid product called Nightly Resurfacing Elixer for $28.  The one I'm using right now is actually from a brand Alpha Hydrox called AHA Souffle that ULTA carries, but that one is pretty strong.

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

I got a sample of Hope in a Jar and was super excited about trying it out for the dry areas on my face. Then I put it on my face and gagged! The smell to me was absolutely horrible like melted plastic or something. I could not tolerate it at all and washed my face immediately! I dont know if thats the same smell for the Hope in a Jar Night cream but if it is I would advise you to see if you can tolerate the smell first before making the purchase. Also a really nice cream that I've found instead is the Dior Hydra Pro-Youth Sorbet Creme though its $56. 

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

Fantastic! Thanks everybody! I didn't consider that they were just clogged pores....maybe a peel would help? I may check out the night elixir from olay also.

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

Hello Sweetpea, I am New to Sephora & LOVE Absolutely Every Single item i have purchased. I just read your post and wanted to Stress the Importance of Not only Starting NOW on Addressing The Importance of Keeping Your Skin Properly Hydrated with REAL Products such as Sephora , but also imforming you that with your arrival of your newborn Naturally as im sure you are aware of your Hormones zigzagging crazy. Well, at 49 i have no children by choice but Thanks to pituitary issues my entire life i have Always had Very Low Estrogen and Very Dry Skin. Five months ago i endured through a complete hysterectomy and from that day forward i kid you not MY SKIN has been Zapped of All n Any Moisture Content and Feel like a Complete Idiot that i Have never until now connected to two. Low Estrogen = Dry Skin and NOT ONE Endrocronologist Has Ever Informed me of Taking Special Efforts Thru Life OR Even NOW in Prevention of Dehydration! Thats what led me to Sephora and i will continue to add to  my collection as i can afford different items.  In closing Smart to Start Now, and to others IT IS "NEVER" To Late To Start. I cannot believe the difference in how much better my skin is feeling EVEN with my hormonal issue's still not addressed.  Just wanted to take this chance to get the word out to EVERYONE of the IMPORTANCE in not only keeping skin moisturized with A GOOD Line of Products such as Sephora but to also be aware that your Level of DRY SKIN is a Great Gauge in Estrogen Levels. Sure WISH Someone in the Medical Field would have taken the time to Inform me of that somewhere along the line. I wouldnt have just LIVED in a Nivea jar Thinking that was helping!? And i am not in the Medical Field but i sure am A member of The Dry Skin/Low/NO Estrogen Club!!! 

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

I tried a moisturizer by philosophy and i did not like the smell, but it did moisturize the skin Smiley Wink

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

All the other comments aside, it sounds like you like and use Hope in a Jar (original formula) and the smell doesn't bother you.  And you liked the samples that you had of Hope in a Jar Night.


So my response is, I like it too, and I don't need to use a lot of it each night.  As someone said, it goes on a bit thick but then smooths in, and I think that my 2oz jar is going to last a reasonable amount of time.


I really liked the Algenist night cream sample that I got, but that is $90 for 2oz.  For now, the Hope in a Jar seems pretty good (although I'm glad I got it on sale during Chic Week).


Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

Sorry, I forgot to add that Hope in a Jar night doesn't have much of a smell, or if it does, it's nowhere near as strong as that of the original version.

Re: Is the Philosophy Hope in A Jar night worth it?

Took a chance on this product and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. In the morning I feel like I have a new face!!!! I have acne prone skin and I swear this is the only product that makes my breakouts almost non-existent in the morning. Skin feels sooo smooth and even toned. An absolute miracle in a jar for me!!! Worth EVERY SINGLE penny. Have noticed a difference in some fine lines as well! Seriously, amazing!!!!  

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